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Title Survey on 'Effects of COVID in our daily lives'
Posted by webmaster Hit 314 Date 2022.03.25


We are conducting a survey in hopes to learn how COVID has affected our daily lives. 

We ask for just 30 seconds of your precious time in completing this survey. 

All of the information that you submit will be kept strictly anonymous and will be used for statistical purposes only. 

Please answer by clicking the link button below. 

Thank you.

1) Did you develop any new habits after COVID started? (please select all that apply) 

Regularly washing hands & periodically cleaning and disinfecting hands 

Check social media more often

Play online games 

Virtual/video calls and meetings 

Home work out, home exercise


Eating alone 

Watching videos on TV, YouTube, etc. 

Checking the number of participants when having a meeting 

Other (please specify) 


2) Among the changes caused by COVID, which do you wish will continue even after we go back to our normal lives? (please select all that apply) 

Virtual meetings 

Periodic cleaning and disinfection 

Online education 

Work from home 

Reduce company get-togethers 

Washing hands regularly 

Reduce business trips 

Standing in line keeping  a distance between people 

Other (please specify) 




3) Has your living expenses changed since COVID started?








4) In which area have your expenses increased over the past year? (please select all that apply) 

Food ingredients

Delivery food

Electronics, electric home appliances


Skincare products 

Nutrition supplements

Medical expense


Expenses to increase physical fitness

Electricity and gas usage 

Other (please specify) 




5) In which area have your expenses decreased over the past year? (please select all that apply) 


Eating out 

Going to performances, movies, plays, concerts, etc 

Expenses to increase physical fitness

Office rent 

Energy usage 

House rent 

Other (please specify) 



6) What would you most like to do when you return to your daily life? (please select all that apply) 

Face-to-face meetings 

Travel abroad 

Go out without a mask on 

Go to performances like concerts, music festivals, plays, etc. 

Indoor team sports 

Eating out without any limitations on the number of people attending 

Other (please specify) 





7) Where would you like to travel abroad the most? (please select all that apply) 

North America

South East Asia 

South America & Latin America 


Northern Europe such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway etc. 

Western Europe such as France, Germany, UK etc. 

Southern Europe such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc. 



Oceania - Guam, Australia, New Zealand, etc. 

Other (please specify) 

8) Which of the following best describes your age group?






Over 70

9) Which continent are you from?


North America




South America


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