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Title Purchase Information on 'K-Style' Living the Korean Way of Life
Posted by webmaster Hit 3796 Date 2017.04.10
Dear CICI supporters,

I hope you are havig a wonderful day. 

Thank you for your kind interest and support in Professor Choi Jungwha's book 'K-Style,' 

which introduces various lifestyles of Korean Culture. 

The English version can be purchased through both the CICI bureau and Kyobo Bookstore,

and the French version of K-Style can be purchased through the CICI bureau,

If you would like to purchase 'K-Style', please wire the amount including the delivery fee, 

and send your name, number of books orderd, address, and phone number to

Price: English version KRW 30,000 / French version KRW 27,000
  (Delivery Charge: KRW 4,000 / No delivery charge for purchases over 3 books) 

Account Number: Woori Bank, 160-359256-13-102, 한국이미지커뮤니케이션연구원 

Contact: T. 02-6285-0049, E. 

Thank you.

Korea CQ MeeJung Kim


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