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Oftentimes, when Koreans meet foreigners, it is surprising
to realize that they don’t know much about Korea.
This often happens because we have little knowledge or
even worse, have been indifferent about what is ours.
In the age of globalization, it is important to have the ability
to analyze and understand the current status of Korea from
different perspectives, and, I believe, enlightened
intellectuals should be entrusted with these efforts.
Understanding Korea’s politics, economy, society, culture,
science and technology within the framework of globalization
is not only essential in external relations but also to
establish our identity and alleviate friction.
Recently, under the huge influence of various media and SNS,
not only foreign opinion leaders who hold important positions
in the international community, but also foreigners from
various countries, races, and social status are very
interested in Korea. Despite all the interest in Korea,
there are very few studies regarding the most efficient ways
to promote Korea’s image. Systematic studies are essential to convey the essence of Korean culture to the world.
Through numerous projects including research, inviting foreign leading figures to Korea and holding Korean
culture forums, the Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI) aims to reach a better understanding of
Korea and to convey it to the rest of the world, ultimately offering a new vision for the 21st century,
so that we can claim our rightful status.
I would like to ask each and every one of you to continuously support and take interest in CICI’s efforts to
effectively promote Korea’s image.


Established on June 3, 2003 and registered under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Korea,
CICI brings together opinion leaders representing all facets of society ranging from politics, economics, social,
culture to science and telecommunications who hope to convey the true image of Korea to the rest of the world
so that it can find its standing commensurate to its potential.

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