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Title Choi JW Rendez-vous 'The life of a Jockey, French Jockey Victoire'
Posted by webmaster Hit 244 Date 2021.07.15

Choi JW Rendez-vous  met with French jockey Victoire.

He shared many stories with us, from why and how he became a jockey, his usual day schedule, why he has to constantly diet and how he does it, relationships between a horse and a jockey, unique race-horse names and more. 

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하루에 몸무게를 4번 재는 이유_ 프랑스 기수 빅투아르! 이름이 승리라서 매번 승리하나_ The life of a Jockey, French Jockey Victoire 0-0 screenshot.png

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