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Title Annoucement of Winner of CCF 2017, Korea through the Lens, Photography & Video Contest!
Posted by webmaster Hit 3523 Date 2017.07.25

Dear CICI Supporters,


Thank to your support, the ‘Culture Communication Forum, Korea Through the Lens, Photo & Video Contest’ ended with a resounding success.


We would like to thank everyone who participated, entering their photos and videos full of passion and the image of Korea’s blend of ‘Tradition and Modernity.’


Today, we would like to announce the winners of the contest; please see the list below to see the list.


Congratulations to all the winners!


The award ceremony will be held at the ‘Korea Through the Lens, CCF Night’ on August 29th.


Thank you again, and we hope for you continued support.


 Video Category

Grand Award: Kang Byung In, Calligrapher & Lim Chae Wook, Photographer,

                 ‘Beautiful Korea and Hangeul’

Excellence Award: Erwan Vilfeu, CEO of NESTLE Korea, ‘An Ode to Korea’

Excellence Award: Elodie Bouladon, Student at Le Rosey Boarding School,

                  ‘Travel Diary South Korea 2017’

Runner-Up Award: Pusan Police Department PR Team, ‘I love you’


Photo Category

Excellence Award: Curt Olson, U.S. Consultant, Former CEO of ING Life Korea,

          ‘Marriage in Korea’

Excellence Award: Peteris Vaivars, Latvian Ambassador to Korea,


Runner-Up Award: Myung Hee Oh, Professor at University of Suwon, 

                       ‘Crossing Paths’

Runner-Up Award: Joe Wabe, Photographer, ‘Little Monk’

Runner-Up Award: Joao Paulo Barbosa, Photographer, ‘Come as you are’


Selected: Teodorescu Iordan Daniel, Head of Administrative Department at

          Embassy of Romania, ‘Pagoda’

Selected: Mickey Kim, Director, Head of APAC Product Planning & Partnerships 

            at Google, ‘Family and Hanok’

Selected: Karolina Skobel, Polish Administrative Officer, ‘Sunset’

Selected: Kyung Hun Kim, ‘Feel for Humanity in the Traditional Market’

Selected: Javier Moro, Writer, No Title

Selected: Seok-cheon Chang, Teacher at Cheonan Jeil High School,

          ‘Wearing Hanbok in Hanok’

Selected: Peteris Vaivars, Latvian Ambassador to Korea, ‘Tradition’

Selected: Erwan Vilfeu, CEO of NESTLE Korea, ‘Banpo Island’

Selected: Marek Repovsky, First Councellor of Delegation of the European Union,


Selected: Jai Wook Lee, Attorney at Yulchon, ‘Silent Secret,’ ‘The Korean Peninsula’

Selected: Bora Ozkul, Second Secretary at Embassy of the Republic of Turkey,

    ‘Seoraksan National Park’

Selected: Saulo Aroca, Art Student, ‘Forward,’ ‘Outpost’

Selected: Milton Ernesto Magana Coello, Graphic Designer, ‘My White Canvas’



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