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Title [Closed] Cultural Communication Forum, Korea through the Lens, Photography & Video Contest!
Posted by webmaster Hit 2978 Date 2017.04.28

Dear CICI Supporters, 

CICI is organizing a photography & video contest 

"Cultural Communication Forum, Korea through the Lens," which will be held from May 15 to July 16

with the theme 'This is Korea' or 'Show Korea to your friends abroad.'

All 20 selected works will be displayed and screened at the CCF Night on August 29, 

at Gallery Moon, Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP) for one month during December,

and business class airline tickets to New York, Paris, Istanbul, and more are prepared for the winners. 

We look forward to your active participation. 

Thank you and have a nice day.


 Contest Rules 


1. Diplomatic envoys, foreign businesspersons, press, artists living in Korea, Koreans who are interested in introducing Korea to the world(18 years or older), delegates of C20 and former CCFs can participate.

2. Each person can submit up to 3 photos and 1 video. (Participants can submit works for both categories)

3. Each photo or video entry must include a completed and signed entry form, and submitted by midnight on July 16th.

4. Works must be photographed/filmed in person. 

5. Works must comply with the specifications given in the announcement.

6. Winners will be announced on the CICI homepage and contacted individually on July 25.

7. Entries will be judged based on quality, creativity, and expressiveness of Korea’s image.

8. Winners must submit the original file for large-size printing for exhibition (Submitted works will not be returned)

9. Winning’ works will be exhibited and screened at the 'Culture Communication Forum Night (CCF Night)' on August 29th and at Gallery Moon, Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP) for one month during December. 

10. CICI reserves the right to disqualify any entry that is plagiarized.

11. All copyright and/or portrait rights are the legal responsibility of the owner of the work. If the works submitted by the owner breach any of the aforementioned rights or intellectual property laws, or any other relevant laws, then the full legal responsibility rest with the owner of the work, and all prizes and awards will be revoked.

12. Under Article 10 of the Copyright Act, participants have exclusive copyright over their work, and the awarded works can be used by both the owner and the hosting organizations. Awarded works may be used for non-profit purposes in the production of PR materials, exhibition, and various events by the hosting organizations

13. CICI will not be liable for cancellation of award due to submission of inaccurate or incorrect personal information. 

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