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Title Epilogue of CICI Korea 2022 Korea Image Awards
Posted by webmaster Hit 281 Date 2022.02.10

On January 12th, the 18th Korea Image Awards, CICI Korea 2022, was held by the Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI). We would like to share the precious and vivid moments of the event which attracted much interest. The event was attended by 99 foreign and Korean opinion leaders in compliance with social distancing guidelines.


CJ Group Chairman Sohn Kyung-shik, Gangneung International Film Festival Chairman Kim Dong-ho, H.E. Federico Failla Italian Ambassador, H.E. Phillip Turner New Zealand Ambassador, H.E Al-Saadi Zakariya Hamed Hilal Omani Ambassador, Kwang-Hyung Lee KAIST President, Soprano Sumi Jo, Netflix Korea VP Don Kang, Olympic Archer Kim Je-deok, composer Yiruma, French Sorikkun Laure Mafo, CICI President Choi Jungwha, and Cs President Didier Beltoise took a picture at the photo zone.


CICI President Choi Jungwha gave welcoming remarks at the beginning of the event.


Italian Ambassador H.E. Federico Failla then gave congratulatory remarks to celebrate the beginning of the New Year.


The Korean Image Stepping Stone Award was given to Hwang Dong-hyeok, director of Squid Game, which caused a global syndrome with his original screenplay and directing full of creative settings and showed the world Korea as a cultural content powerhouse. He delivered his acceptance speech through video.


The Korea Image Stepping Stone Bridge Award was given to Netflix which not only discovered excellent Korean and spread it all over the world, but also showed the outstanding competitiveness of Korean culture through production and support of Korean content. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings delivered his acceptance speech through video and Netflix Korea VP Don Kang received the award on behalf of Netflix.


The Korea Image Corner Stone Award was given to soprano Sumi Jo who has continuously contributed to enhancing the image of Korea through her moving performances on opera stages around the world for 35 years with her heavenly voice.


Last but not least, the Korea Image Budding Youth Award was given to Olympic Archer Kim Je-deok who became the youngest Olympic gold medalist in the history of Korean men's archery, winning two gold medals with his exceptional talent and strong willpower.


Before the dinner, toasts were given by CJ Group Chairman Sohn Kyung-shik and French Ambassador H.E. Philippe Lefort.


While enjoying a special Korean dinner, the guests had a wonderful time thanks to the lucky draw. Congratulations once again to the winners!


French Sorikkun Laure Mafo gave Pansori performances of ‘Tiger is coming’ and ‘Heungboga’ to celebrate the Year of the Tiger 2022.


We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to CICI supporters for making CICI Korea 2022 such a success. Thanks to your support, the joyous moments of the event were spread widely through social media and news outlets.We will work even harder to promote Korea’s Image to the world. We will do our best to make next year's CICI Korea 2023 as rich and enjoyable too, and ask for your continuous interest and support.

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