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Title Korea CQ - Lecture on Chat GPT by Simon Lee, CEO of Flitto
Posted by webmaster Hit 112 Date 2023.03.16
Dear Korea CQ members,

On March 14th, a special lecture on ChatGPT by Simon Lee, CEO of Flitto, was held at the German Ambassador's residence. 


H.E. Michael Reiffenstuel, H.E. Philippe Lefort, H.E. Chafik Rachadi, H.E. Abdulla Saif Al Nuaimi, H.E. Dagmar Schmidt, H.E. Ekaterini Loupas, Simon Lee, Dirk Lölke, Michelle Kim, Minjoon Kim, Youn Jung Park, Jackie Son, Hyunju Lee, Ian Jeong, Eugene Bang, Seo Hyun Meng, Joseph Young, Choi Jungwha, Didier Beltoise, Crystal Park, Sujin Chun, and Sunhwa Dong participated in the event. 


Ambassador Michael Reiffenstuel warmly welcomed everyone. 


Members enjoyed a delicious dinner specially prepared by the Ambassador, paired with delicious wine. 


Simon Lee's lecture on ChatGPT started after the dinner. 

Simon Lee was selected as 'Asia's Rising Star' by Forbes, and awarded ‘Top of Export of 3 Million Dollars’ and ‘Top of Service’ at the 59th Trade Day Event. Thanks to the recent increase in demand of ChatGPT, Flitto is positioning itself as a leading company in the language big data and AI translation industry.


Participants all asked many questions after the informative lecture. 


We would like to thank Simon Lee for his lecture, and H.E. H.E. Michael Reiffenstuel for inviting us to his residence. We'd also like to thank all members who attended, and Crystal Park for her interpretation. 


Please click the link below for more pictures

Simon Lee, CEO of Flitto

ChatGPT is a hot topic these days. In today's lecture, I will explain what ChatGPT is, how it can be used, and the future of ChatGPT. 

There are many new technologies we have to learn - blockchain, NFT, and metaverse to list a few. ChatGPT is on a completely different level from these though. 

In 1998, as people started to use the internet, many new businesses were created. People made websites, and business that provided internet services were created. We call that era the ‘dot-com bubble’.

12 years later, in 2010, the smartphone was popularized. The iphone was released before that, but 2010 was when there was a steep increase in smartphone users, and many new startups were created based on smartphones. 

Now, another 12 years have passed, and ChatGPT was released in 2022. I predict there will be a boom in new businesses this year based on ChatGPT. 

The amount of data ChatGPT has trained is only 570GB - that is less than the size of a feature film and it is already showing so much amazing results. If ChatGPT trains with even more data, the possibilities are endless. 

When I asked ChatGPT who the German Ambassador to Korea was, it gave the correct response, Michael Reiffenstuel. The problem was, it gave further information that he was stationed in China, Russia, Japan etc. which was incorrect. This example showed both the pros and cons of ChatGPT - You can get an answer quickly, but it won’t be precise.

We may think that as this is a machine, it’ll give objective facts, but that is not the case. It gives us information based on the data that it has been trained on. How can we better use ChatGPT then? One way to get more precise answers is to give it conditions. For example, in the earlier question about the German Ambassador, you could add the year, or ask for it to only give 6 lines of answers. That might increase the probability of getting the answer you want 

As ChatGPT develops further, many services will also change. There are already many services that are adding ChatGPT to them, such as travel agencies, translation services, delivery services, and more. 
Current delivery apps don’t recommend to you what to eat, but if ChatGPT is added, you could ask questions like ‘I am on a diet, but I want to eat something spicy. Where is the cheapest place to order within 5km from here?’ Then the app could give you recommendations based on these parameters  

Many jobs will also change, and many predict that most of the customer service operator jobs will become obsolete.

So what is the next step? Now, people are developing a GPT that asks questions. I mentioned earlier that conditions can give more precise answers. If the machine can ask what the conditions are before a human gives it to them, then this technology will develop even further.

My company Flitto is currently doing a project combining ChatGPT with Art. In old paintings by Korean artists like Shin Yun-bok and Kim Hong-do, there are letters that couldn’t be translated before. With the use of GPT and AI, it shows translations, and in some examples, you can see that in English, it's event kept the rhyme of a poem. 

As GPT develops further, what will happen to humanity? GPT is really, a tremendous technology, and will bring change in many fields, but in the end, it is used by people. There will be cases where people abuse it, so businesses to prevent those cases will be created.

GPT will be added to many of the services we use today. We have to know what GPT is to be able to use these services well, so just as we studied when the internet, and then smartphones came out we have to keep in touch and learn about GPT as well 
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