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Title Culture Communication Forum CCF 2020
Posted by webmaster Hit 436 Date 2021.05.06

The 11th Culture Communication Forum, CCF 2020, which aims to introduce the essence of Korean culture to the world and to communicate with different cultures around the globe, was held from August 26-27, 2020.

In CCF 2020, intellectuals from oversease and opinion leaders living in Korea, including Ambassadors, foreign and Korean culture communication leaders etc, discussed about the changes in methods of delivery of cultural contents in the post-covid-19 era though Zoom. 

On the first day, Cedric O, French Minister of State for Digital Affairs, opened the discussion with welcoming remarks, which was followed by a keynote presentation by the French intellectual Jacques Attali. 

Spanish author Javier Moro and British broadcaster Francine Stock gave insightful presentations on the topic as well. After the Zoom presentations, discussion was held together with all the panelists; Philippe Lefort, French Ambassador; Michael Reiterer, EU Ambassador; Jakob Hallgren, Swedish Ambassador; Umar Hadi, Indonesian Ambassador; Seung-whan Song, Artistic Director of PMC Production; Joon-mo Kwon, Chairman of 4:33; Jie-ae Sohn, Professor at Ewha Womans University; Hyun Taek Kim, Professor at HUFS; You-Kyung Kim, Professor at HUFS; Robin Deiana, French actor.

On the second day, Ana Serrano President of OCAD University, Jeff Benjamin K-Pop Columnist, Amy Chu CEO of Alpha Girl Comics, and Terry Mosher Canadian Cartoonist gave presentations through Zoom.

Afterwards, panelists in Korea also gave their thoughts and discussed on the topic; Philippe Lefort French Ambassador, Michael Danagher Canadian Ambassador, Sripriya Ranganathan Indian Ambassador, Jerome Kim IVI Director General, Bong-ryol Kim President of Korea National University of Arts, Joon-mo Kwon Chairman of 4:33, Hyun Taek Kim Professor at HUFS, You-Kyung Kim Professor at HUFS, Mickey Kim Director at Google, Robin Deiana  French Actor 


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Please see the links below for videos of CCF 2020

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