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Title Korea CQ - Epilogue of the visit to 'Mini Museum' Ilshin Spinning
Posted by webmaster Hit 831 Date 2019.05.17
Dear Korea CQ members,
On May 14, thanks to the kind invitation by Young-ho Kim, Chairman of Ilshin Spinning, Korea CQ &  5·4 Club members visited Ilshin Spinning Headquarter known as the ‘Mini Museum’, and enjoyed the world-class collection by Chairman Kim.
After the visit, members moved to Conrad Seoul Hotel and talked about ‘Downscaling of Banquet & Corporate Events’ and ‘Influencer Marketing’ over dinner at Conrad Seoul. 

H.E. Federico Failla, Young-ho Kim, Mark Meaney, Martijn Sax, Bill Miner, Lissa Miner, Erwan Vilfeu, Do Won Seol, ChunWook Hyun, Jai Wook Lee, Joo Hyun Ha, Hee Soo Weon, Yun Jung Park, Yunjung Han, Haewon Park, So Yoon Park, SeungJu Baek, Jackie Son, Jake Kim, Young Jin Oh, Sunhwa Dong, Jungwha Choi, Didier Beltoise, and Crystal Park attended the event.

Before the tour, members enjoyed champagne and finger food prepared by Chairman Young-ho Kim.

On the 9th floor, where the collection starts, a number of works were displayed including Jennifer Bartlett’s ‘392 Broadway’ that expresses life's flow through color contrast, and Keun-byung Yook’s ‘The sound of landscape’ that combined flickering eye images inside the burial mound shaped structure.

On the 10th floor, Aldo Chaparro’s ‘Acero Purple’ was right in front of the stairs, and on the other side of the wall there were many paintings including ones by the American pop art pioneers Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.

On the top floor that has the most number of artworks displayed in the building, there was a sculpture by modern art sculptor Anish Kapoor which gives a mysterious impression.

Also, there was ‘Die Brucke’ by Anselm Kiefer, a representative of neo-expressionism, and a sculpture by Donald Judd, a pioneer of minimalism in pursuit of simplicity.

In Chairman’s office, there were works of Fernandez Arman, Bruce Nauman, Jean Dubuffet, Frank Meisler, and ‘Robot’ by renowned Korean modern artist Nam June Paik was displayed.

For the grand finale of the tour, members saw Jean Michel Basquiat's 'TBT', which covered a full wall of Chairman Kim's office. Members were impressed by the artwork itself, and also because it is a rare Basquiat that is not easily accessible. 

After the tour at Ilshin Spinning, members moved to Conrad Seoul for the next program.


After moving to Conrad Seoul, the gathering started with the greeting by Mr. Didier Beltoise, president of Cs and co-president of the 5 · 4 Club.

 Choi Jungwha, the president of CICI introduced new 5 · 4 Club members Mr. Martijn Sax, General Manager of Le Méridien Seoul, and Mr. Brian Harris, GM of Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas, and then shared the recent good news of Korea CQ and 5·4 club members.

 While waiting for dinner, Mr. Mark Meaney, General Manager of Conrad introduced Conrad Seoul’s outdoor bar ‘VVERTIGO’, which will be opening in June after remodeling.  

As appetizer, fresh organic strawberry, Korean Tofu mousse, Prosciutto, and oyster mushroom soup were served. The main dish was “Dduckalbi” the Soy marinated beef patty with ginseng Seasonal roasted vegetable and puree, baby leaves. Lastly, members enjoyed Tiramisu, espresso, and chocolate ganache for dessert. 

 After dinner, members shared information on recent trends in hotels and tourism industry, such as 2019 Korean Travel Trend ‘B.R.I.D.G.E’, Drinkation(Drink+Vacation), and increase of the growing number of Chinese tourists in Korea. 


Afterward, members had time to talk about ‘Influencer Marketing’ and ‘Downscaling Trend of Events’. Members working in various fields gave interesting opinions on using influencer marketing in their business, cause of the downscaling the trend and how to deal with it, sharing their experience on the subjects. The interesting and informative talk was continued around an hour.  

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Chairman Young-ho Kim for inviting and introducing his beautiful collection for our members, and Mr. Mark Meaney for allowing us to have a meaningful night at Conrad Seoul.
Last but not least, we would like to thank all members who attended the forum, and Ms. Crystal Park for her interpretation help.
Thank you.
5·4Club MinJu Lee · HyeRin Roh

Please click on the link below to see more photos ↓

<Discussion: What’s your opinion on ‘Downscaling of Banquet & Corporate Events’ and ‘Influencer Marketing’? >

Didier Beltoise
President of Cs 
When I came to Korea in the early 1990s, weddings here were like for companies and marketing. At that time, weddings were regarded as the way to show the family's status and wealth so sometimes over 500 to even 1,000 people attended a wedding. But as we all know, in reality, it costs a lot.  In Europe, weddings are small events for family and close friends. More and more people prefer an intimate and small-sized wedding so that they can share the special moment with close people and family.
Mark Meaney
General Manager of Conrad Seoul
There are still a lot of big weddings held in Conrad Seoul Hotel, but it is true that the size of many weddings has become smaller on average over the past three years. I think those who get married later recognize that they don't need to spend a lot of money on it. Last month, I attended a Remind Wedding for the first time. It was a small wedding attended by around 40 guests, but there was Dom Pérignon and it was decorated with very beautiful flowers. It was more about quality, not size.
Bill Miner
Country Chairman of Chevron Korea
I think the recent trend of downscaling of events is a natural, common occurrence in Korea now because the population is not growing and the economy is relatively stagnant. When I think of my business, which is providing energy to the world, the demand for energy around the world is still expanding so it seems to be a little bit different from the downscaling trend. When Lissa and I first came to Korea, we tried to be students of our new surrounding society and culture, understanding different practices. We found ‘Professor Oh’ who uploads amazing YouTube videos about life in Korea and we watched it almost every day. She is just so amazingly demonstrative and making connections with us. Through her videos, we could learn a lot about Korea. 
Haewon Park  
President of CHA Bio F&C
I think that increasing the number of remarried couples can be a reason for the increase of small weddings. Because when people get married again, most people want to have a small and intimate wedding with close people. When it comes to corporate events, many companies used to hold events for unspecified masses, hoping it would be promoted through word-of-mouth. But now, companies organize events focused on a smaller number of  people who can influence many people.
I think influencer marketing can be seen in a similar sense. As social networking services developed and the way people communicate changed, people are getting used to communicating online rather than in person, and one of the most optimized marketing tools for this communication is influencer marketing. These days, when young people look something up online, they use hashtags on Instagram or YouTube rather than Naver or Google search. I think in order to sell products to these people, we should definitely use the platform they use and that is the very reason that influencer marketing is increasing. 
Joo Hyun Ha   
CEO of NAOS Korea
I actually experience today's topic 'Downscaling of events' and 'Influencer Marketing' every day.' While I work at beauty brand ‘Bioderma’, I recognized that Facebook was popular six to seven years ago, and then Instagram, and now a lot of people use YouTube. I think the most important thing for marketing is to identify age target for targeting and how well they can use social media. For example, there are trendy beauty brands which can be found at drugstores, and we target young people for those brands. The customers of the brand react immediately to any kinds of online marketing. On the other hand, main customers of premium brand ‘Esthederm’ are not as affected by online marketing. They want to receive personalized service and be treated specially. Recently, we invited about 30 customers and held a small event, and the customers were very satisfied with that.
By managing totally different two brands, I realized that marketing strategies depend on which age group we want to communicate with. It is very interesting to talk about these two topics that I think of every day.

Do Won Seol 
Advisor of Korea Chainstores Association
I think the fundamental reason for the downscaling of events lies in the change of the population structure. The number of single-person households have been increasing, leading to an increase in usage of convenience stores and single-package products. This phenomenon is affecting the downscaling of events as well. When it comes to influence marketing, companies used to do marketing using flyers or medias like TV commercials, etc. But now almost every company has a Digital Marketing Team and has special management of influencers on social media. Since consumers feel more friendly toward influencers than celebrities, more and more consumers are becoming inclined to trust influencers rather than TV commercials. However, if consumers just accept the information by influencers without knowing if it’s a fact, it might be a problem in the future.

Erwan Vilfeu
President of Zuellig Pharma Korea 
These days, companies are targeting consumers by analyzing what they like and dislike. As Big Data Technology evolves, companies can easily get consumer’s information, recommend products based on individual preferences, and see if consumers will continue to use their products. Based on this information, effective market segmentation has enabled us to determine which target consumers could be more actively promoted. These days, consumers are less interested in television than before, and they tend to have more confidence in their friends’ or influencers’ recommendation of products than TV commercials, so companies actively use influencers to promote their products. But it can also be risky. If the product is defective, negative stories can be spread rapidly through influencers, so companies should always listen to their opinions. Now companies need to be careful about how consumers, who focus on reviews of the influencers, will react to the product.
Jai Wook Lee 
Attorney of Yulchon LCC
I agree 100%  with Mr. Do Won Seol’s opinion about the downscaling of events. Family members are becoming smaller, and people are wanting more personalized, private experiences, which naturally leads to smaller events. Influencer marketing is also a hot issue among law firms - Yulchon has a YouTube channel as well. Now, people are studying how to use SNS platforms for not only food or beauty contents but also for law contents.
SeungJu Baek
Announcer of KBS

Unfortunately, I think the broadcasting station is going in the opposite directionof the recent trend. 15 years ago, everyone saw TV but now many people no longer watch TV shows or  TV news. They rather watch YouTube or other SNS to get information. So announcers are worrying about how to adjust to the recent trend. In the past, announcers used to host all kinds of programs about current affairs, music, news, and movies, but now they have started to broadcast what they really like through one-person media. 
Jake Kim
Managing Director of Hana Financial Investment
First, I think SNS marketing is possible because it has become measurable. Now that advertisers can grasp consumer consumption patterns, it is easier for them to find SNS channels that can get the best effect with a measurable budget. Secondly, in the past, it took a lot of equipment to broadcast, but nowadays, anyone with a smart phone can broadcast. In addition, as everyone has a smart phone the impact has increased. However, there are also risks to this. Recently, more and more influencers have been running one-person media in the form of businesses and as the impact is great, it is necessary to pay special attention because influencers can collapse in a day even if they make a small mistake.
Martijn Sax
General Manager of Le Meridien Seoul  
YouTube seems to be used by many people because it gives the information directly to consumers and is easy to upload the videos. Even if you are not a celebrity, anyone can become an influencer. Influencers don’t sell goods directly but share their experiences and reviews, which is the way they make profits. Therefore, they should upload videos frequntly to make more money. So if companies provide them good experience, I think it can be the best cost-effective marketing tool. I think events are getting smaller and smaller because of the tendency to share intimate and enjoyable experiences with family and friends has increased. Corporate events are also getting smaller because people want to get the information they need and get back home quickly, rather than attending a three-day meeting.
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