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Title Korea CQ -Epilogue of the trip to Sangha Farm 'Farmers’ Village’ in Gochang
Posted by webmaster Hit 145 Date 2019.04.10
Dear, Korea CQ Members

On April 5th - 6th, Korea CQ members went on a trip to Sangha Farm ‘Farmers’ Village’ in Gochang, thanks to the kind invitation by Seon Hee Kim, CEO of Maeil Dairies.

H.E. Yip Wei Kiat, Jay Hyuk Shim, Seon Hee Kim, Do Won Seol, Mi Young Lee, Kwi Yeon Kim, Hyun Ju Lee, James Park, Hae Won Park, Young Ha Go, Yoon Hee Kim, Yun Jung Park, Kwon Ha Ryu, Ho Sup Hwang, Jungwha Choi, Didier Beltoise attended this trip.


On April 5, members gathered together at the lobby of the InterContinenal COEX and went to Gochang by bus. 

Members visited Gochang Dolmen Site first, which was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

This site boasts the largest scale and density of dolmen in the world and is an important resource to identify the history of the dolmen of Asia.

After touring the historical site, members moved to the 'Farm Restaurant' in Sangha Farm, where CEO Seon Hee Kim prepared delicious BBQ for our members.

There were many kinds of side dishes and fresh vegetables grown on Sangha farm.
For dessert blueberry Sikhye and seasonal strawberries were served. 


After dinner, members slowly walked to the hotel, ‘Farmers’ Village’, looking at the starry sky. 

Before bedtime, members had a pleasant time, conversing over beer and snacks prepared by Seon Hee Kim.


Next morning, members started the day with yoga to train their body and mind feeling refreshed. 
After the morning yoga, members had a delicious breakfast.
All the ingredients were grown on Sangha farm so they were very fresh.

After the checkout, guided by Eun-sun Lee, director of Sangha Farm, members went to experience making cheese sausages.
First, members mixed the primarily ripen meat dough and shredded cheese together and then beat the dough to mix them evenly. Members put the mixed meat dough into the sausage casings and tied them. 
The staffs of Sangha farm helped wrap the sausages so members could take them home.


After the experience, members looked around the Sangha farm. 
There were cows, sheep and goats running around the fields, and there were various crops growing in the gardens.


Members also looked around various workshops in the farm. 

There were many places where people can experience making their own soy sauce, and see how Sangha Farm makes ham, sausage, fresh bread every day, and even homemade fruit jam.
It was an interesting time to see how fresh the products from the Sangha farms are.


Then members toured the Sangha Factory where they could see the process of making milk and cheese.
With the friendly guidance of factory manager Sung-moon Min and the employees of the factory, members were able to take a look inside the facility and learn about the Sangha factory through a variety of questions.


After the tour of Sangha farm and the factory, members enjoyed several delicious clam based noodle, rice porridge, and Bibimbap in Eunjeong-garden, then moved to Seonunsa Temple for the last program of the trip. 
Seonunsa Temple is located in the northern part of Dosolsan Mountain.
It is the second largest head temple in Jeollabuk-do, and has a long history, outstanding natural scenery, and precious Buddhist cultural assets.

With the pleasant and detailed explanation of cultural commentator Ms. Hyangsim Oh, members were able to feel the fine atmosphere of Seonunsa Temple.

We would like to thank Ms. Seon Hee Kim for making a memorable trip for members with warm hospitality, exciting activities and unexpected wonderful gifts such as fresh eggs, bread and jam.
We would also like to thank all members who attended the trip despite their busy schedule.

Thank you

Korea CQ MinJu Lee

Please click on the link below to see more photos ↓
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