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Title Korea CQ - Epilogue of Lecture on 'E-Commerce Market and Coupang'
Posted by webmaster Hit 920 Date 2018.09.13

Dear Korea CQ members,


On September 11, Korea CQ had a lecture on 'E-Commerce Market and Coupang' at the Kuwaiti Ambassador’s residence in Itaweon-dong. 


H.E. Bader Mohammad AlAwadi, H.E. Yip Wei Kiat, Susie Lee, Mehmet Gurulkan, Patrick Defranoux, Nathalie Defranoux, Sherry Hwang, Jae Chul Sung, Eun Gyung Na, Yoon Jung Park, Ian Jeong, Seohyun Meng, Jin Joo Koo, Choi Jungwha, Didier Beltoise, and Crystal Park attended this forum.



Members had time to catch up with each other during the reception, and H.E. Bader Mohammad AlAwadi welcomed CQ members with a warm welcoming speech.




Before the lecture, CQ members enjoyed a delicious Kuwaiti course meal, specially prepared for CQ members by H.E. Bader Mohammad AlAwadi.


Starting with hummus and a traditional Kuwaiti salad, followed by traditional Kuwaiti dishes jarish, Malfouf, and Meat Emaowash, and with date cake and vanilla ice cream for dessert, members enjoyed the rich Kuwaiti dinner.




After dinner, the lecture 'E-Commerce Market and Coupang' by Susie Lee, Head of Marketing at Coupang Media Group, started.



Susie Lee was the former Head of Marketing at Amazon Korea, Head of Media Partnerships at Twitter Korea, and also manager at Twitter Inc. International Market development. She also worked at Johnson & Johnson as well as Homeplus, and is now currently Head of Marketing at Coupang Media Group.


Through this lecture, members had the opportunity to learn about the present and future of the e-commerce market, the various types of e-commerce sites and models, and the effect technological advances are having on e-commerce.


All members were absorbed in the interesting lecture by Susie Lee, and had an active Q&A time after lecture.




We would like to express our gratitude to H.E. Bader Mohammad AlAwadi for inviting CQ members to his residence, treating members to a wonderful traditional Kuwaiti dinner and preparing gifts for all our members. We would also like to thank Ms. Susie Lee for her riveting lecture, and Ms. Crytsal Park for her excellent interpretation, and all our Korea CQ members for participating in this forum.


On October 23, Korea CQ will be visiting the National Hangeul Museum and having the lecture 'Landscript' by Seung H-Sang, Chief Commissioner of the Presidential Commission on Architecture Policy. We look forward to our members’ interest and participation.


Thank you.


Korea CQ MeeJung Kim




For more pictures, please click the link below




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