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Title Korea CQ - Epilogue of Visiting 'Nine House' in Gapyeong
Posted by webmaster Hit 503 Date 2018.05.15
Dear CQ members, 

I hope you are having a wonderful day.

On May 15, Korea CQ visited ‘Nine House’ in Gapyeong, the residence of Jarasum Jazz Festival director Jae-jin In and famous jazz vocalist Youn Sun Nah. 

H.E. Yasumasa Nagamine, H.E. Peteris Vaivars, H.E. Gabor Csaba, H.E. Park Enna, Ayako Nagamine, Edit Csaba, Jae-jin In, Won-soo Kim, Christophe Piganiol, James Park, Susan Ling, Eun Gyung Na, Youngha Go, Yoon Jung Park, Samia Mounts, Hosup Hwang, Heesun Kim, Yongyoul Lee, Mrs. Yongyoul Lee, Daeuk Heo, Nah Seung Yull, Choi Jungwha, and Didier Beltoise attended the forum. 

Members arrived warmly greeted each other on the second floor,



and looked around the beautiful mansion with delicious canapes and wines director In prepared for us. 


Director Jae-jin In gave a warm welcome speech for everyone who attended,



and explained to us that ‘Nine House’, the name of the house, was made up of ‘Na’ from Mrs. Youn Sun Nah’s last name and ‘In’, from his. 



Artist Hosup Hwang, who created the picture on the second floor which attracted the attention of all members, came up to explain his work. 


He said his work has been used as a poster for Jarasum Jazz Festival after he gave it as a gift to Director In, who admired his work so much. 

After that, members enjoyed special dinner prepared by Director Jae-jin In. 


It was a lovely dinner with a wide variety of foods, ranging from flavorful herbs and vegetables only found in Gapyeong, grilled ell, roasted pork, bulgogi, noodles with summer radish kimchi to dessert made with just-made cheese and watermelon. 

After dinner, there was a special performance by Jazz Pianist Daeuk Heo.


The members sat around the room and listened to the beautiful piano melody, 
and even made beautiful music together, humming along with the song with the instructions of Pianist Daeuk Heo

The small concert ended with the last song ‘Jindo Arirang’, which was requested by a member.
Everyone gave him a big hand for his wonderful performance. 


It was truly a rare and precious opportunity to get out of the city and feel the harmony of nature and music. 

We would like to thank all our Korea CQ members for gladly taking time from their schedule to attend the forum despite the bad weather, 

and we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Director Jae-jin In for inviting and making a memorable memory for all our members, and also to Pianist Daeuk Heo for the impressive performance.

Thank you all again for your unwavering support.


Korea CQ Arin Lee


For more pictures, please click the link below:

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» Korea CQ - Epilogue of Visiting 'Nine House' in Gapyeong file webmaster 2018.05.15 503

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