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제목 [한국알리기 국내외 행사] [Photo News] Omani Embassy raises cultural awareness [코리아헤럴드 2019-10-22]
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RAISING CULTURAL AWARENESS – Oman’s Ambassador to South Korea Mohamed Alharthy (first row, third left) and Corea Image Communication Institute President Choi Jung-wha (first row, fourth left) pose for a photo after an event held at the Omani Embassy in Seoul, Oct. 15. Alharthy gave an introduction on Oman, including its more than 5,000-year-old culture. during the event organized by CICI which also included a presentation by Geum Key-sook, a professor at Hongik University, on the beauty of hanbok and her creations for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. Ambassadors of Morocco, Chafik Rachadi; Russia, Andrey Kulik; Jordan, Adel Mohammed Adaileh, Tunisia, Nabih El Abed; and Qatar, Mohammed Ahmad Al-Hayki, attended the event. CICI

By Kim Bo-gyung

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