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Title [News] The reason why you should wear masks…French Intellectual Attali says “Altruism is the way to fight COVID19” [Joongang Ilbo 2020-06-09]
Posted by webmaster Hit 323 Date 2020.06.10

Professor Choi JungWha had an interview with France's world-renowned economist Dr. Jacques Attali, to find solutions regarding Covid-19 and to prepare for future pandemics. Among the solutions, Dr. Jacques Attali pointed out the importance of altruism, a key element for people to protect themselves and others at the same time. This video is part of the 'MOFA Insight Series' by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on YouTube.

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» [News] The reason why you should wear masks…French Intellectual Attali says “Altruism is the way to fight COVID19” [Joongang Ilbo 2020-06-09] webmaster 2020.06.10 323

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