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Title [Events] Foreign envoys get a glimpse of Korea’s architectural tradition [The Korea Herald 2019-11-06]
Posted by webmaster Hit 54 Date 2019.11.07

Kim Bong-ryol, president of Korean National University of Arts, gave a lecture on the history of wooden architecture in Korea, at the Hungarian ambassador’s residence in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, on Tuesday.

Organized by the Corea Image Communication Institute, a private institution that promotes Korean culture around the world, the event was attended by 26 participants, including Hungarian Ambassador Mozes Csoma, Kuwaiti Ambassador Bader Mohammad Al-Awadi and New Zealand Ambassador Philip Tuner.

Participants pose after a lecture on Korean architecture by Kim Bong-ryol (front row, center), president of Korea National University of Arts, at the Hungarian ambassador’s residence in Seoul on Tuesday. (CICI)

Speaking on the history of Korean architecture spanning from the Three Kingdoms era (57 BC-AD 668) to the contemporary world, Kim highlighted that the use of wood -- a major material in traditional Korea architecture -- is being revived with new technologies as a nature-friendly theme gains attention.

As an authority on Korean architecture, Kim has worked on the presidential guesthouse, Samcheongjang, the Korean garden in Frankfurt as well as Amorepacific’s memorial hall.

By Park Yuna

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