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제목 [CICI Korea] CICI to honor CJ, individuals for selling Korea[Korea Joongang Daily, 2017.12.19]
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The Corea Image Communication Institute, a nonprofit that promotes Korean culture abroad, will award CJ Group with its annual Korea Image Stepping Stone Award, the organization said Monday.

CICI recognized CJ Group for exporting Korean food and entertainment to countries around the world. Sohn Kyung-shik, left, chairman of CJ Group, will attend the CICI Korea 2018 award ceremony on Jan. 16 to receive the honor, the company said.

The Korea Image Stepping Stone Bridge Award will go to Joachim Son-Forget, center, the first Korean-born member of France’s National Assembly.

Adopted by a French family and raised in Langres, Son-Forget was recognized by CICI for accelerating exchanges between Korea and France as president of the France-Korea Friendship Association of Congressmen in areas such as information technology, science and medicine.

Angelina Danilova, right, a Russian model, will receive the Korea Image Firestone Award. An Instagram star with nearly 600,000 followers, Danilova has been uploading photos and videos related to Korea on her account, helping spread Korean culture, CICI said.

The first awards were handed out in 2005, and this year’s ceremony will take place at the Grand InterContinental Hotel in southern Seoul on Jan. 16. About 60 ambassadors and 700 guests are expected to attend.

By Hong You-kyoung


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