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Title Korea CQ - Epilogue of Busan Trip
Posted by webmaster Hit 2500 Date 2015.04.28

Dear Korea CQ members,

On April 25~26, Korea CQ had Busan Trip.

H.E. Aingeal O’Donghue, Peter Bullen, Chunghyun Hwang, Seung-Jae Yoo, Bill Miner ,Lissa Miner, Si Eun Song, Jae Woo James Park, So Eun Park, Patrick Defranoux, Nathalie Defranoux, Jungwha Choi, Eugene Bang, Sherry Sungwon Hwang, Seohyun Meng, Mike Kang, Seung Ju Baek, and Didier Beltoise participated in this CQ trip.

Every participants gathered at Seoul Station on time despite of early departure time.



Upon arriving at Busan Station, CQ members had an easy transport to the restaurant with the limousine bus specially supported by President Sung Woo Choi, who is the president of Ilmac Foundation and member of Korea CQ 17.

We had lunch at a restaurant which has been opened for 60 years, to enjoy Busan’s famous food, ‘pork soup’.



After enjoying lunch, we visited Choryang-dong Japanese style house, where Mr. Hwang Rae Seung, founder of Ilmac foundation, used to live and which has been registered as cultural heritage by cultural heritage administration in 2007. 

At the Choryang-dong Japanese style house, members learned about the history and future project of Ilmac Foundation, and appreciate the beauty of well-preserved original Japanese style architecture.


2. 일맥.jpg


Following, we visited the ‘Anchang village’, in English an inner sole village, by taking the sanbok road. Anchang village was created when Korean War refugees start to settle and make shanty town on top of the mountain. Because the town is on uphill, members enjoyed the great view of Busan Port and had a chance to see the unique style of parking lot, ‘sky parking lot.’




After enjoying the view of Busan, members moved to Gamcheon Culture Village, where Korean War refugees and Tae Guk Do believers settled in the past. In the village members could see rural past and developed present of Busan at the same time. The town was developed with help of artists of Busan who started to decorate the village in name of ‘Art Town Project.’ 




For next program, members visit the Samjin Fish Cake experience center. Director of Samjin Fish Cake welcomed and prepared famous fish cake croquette for us. While members tasting the fish cake croquette, there was a short presentation about future plan of Samjin Fish Cake and Q&A time.




After having a short tour at Samjin Fish Cake history museum and fish cake bakery, members moved to Busan’s famous restaurant, ‘Haeundae Beef Ribs’ to have dinner. 

During the dinner time, members humorous toasts : “CQ better than the flower’ toast by Seung-Jae Yoo, “good people, good time, good luck” toast by Peter Bullen, and ”CQ hurrah” toast by Si Eun Song made the dining atmosphere more enjoyable with full of laughters.




After the joyful dinner, we moved to the accommodation, the Novotel Ambassador Hotel and had good rest for next day. 

On Sunday morning with spring sunshine, we went for our first visiting place, Dalmaji Pass, also called as Moon Tan Road.   

Walking on the trail with cherry tree and pine tree, members reached at the Korean traditional pavilion and enjoyed the beautiful view of Busan beach. 




Following, members visited the Nurimaru APEC house, which was built at the camellia island to for 13th APEC summit.

We could see why domestic and foreign media highly praise the Nurimaru APEC house as ‘APEC conference hall with most beautiful view in history.’



To gain energy for our next program, members went to a restaurant and enjoyed delicious Korean table d’hote with hot pot rice as lunch and moved to Yongdusan Park.



After having short tour in Yongdusan Park, we visited the most famous fish market in Busan, Jagalchi Market, and enjoyed the fresh sashimi sliced by Korea’s No. 1 sashimi slicer.



We reached to the BIFF Plaza, start of the Busan International Film Festival and right beside the BIFF Plaza, there was Gukje Market, restently got famous for movie ‘Gukje Market.’

CQ Members had joyful time by taking picture in front of the ‘Ggotbunyine’ which was a market owned by the main character of the movie.    



Following, members had a tour on Kkangtong Market, which was named because after Korean War, merchants started to sell canned goods from American Army base, and moved to the Bosu-dong Book Alley.



Not like Gukje Market and Kkangtong Market, the atmosphere of book alley was quiet and slow. After enjoying the short tour around the book alley, schedule of our Busan Trip was all finished.

We sincerely appreciate Sung Woo Choi, President of Ilmac Foundation and Jung Ho Suh, Chairman of Ambassador Hotel Group for supporting Korea CQ Busan Trip, also for all participants for making our Busan Trip more memorable!

The upcoming Korea CQ program will be on May 9, 2015 ‘Visiting Hangwha Cultural Museum.’ You will have opportunity to learn history of Hangwa, make your personal Hangwa and appreciate spring beauty at Pyunggang Botanical Garden. 

Thank you so much and have a nice day.



Soo Yeon Kim



For more pictures, please click the link below.

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