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Title Korea CQ - Epilogue of Experience Korean Food through five senses
Posted by webmaster Hit 2035 Date 2015.03.12

Dear Korea CQ members,

I hope you are having a wonderful day.

On March 10th Korea CQ visited BICENA in Itaewon.

BICENA is a restaurant owned by Kwangjuyo group, and the meaning of the restaurant is ‘Empty, Fill, and Share’.

BICENA has received international attentions through participations and invitations in overseas festival. For instance, BICENA participated at ‘2013, 2014 Hawaii Food& Wine Festival’ to promote Korea’s distinctive dishes to the world.

Lee Sungbaek President of SAM O, Hwang Chung Hyon Director of Dr. Hwang Orthodontics, Seol Do Won Vice President of Homeplus, Hong Mi Kyung Vice President of Sinyoung Corporation, K Chung Managing Director of Gensler Korea, Choi Jungwha President of CICI, Omar Nahar Jordanian Ambassador, James Bemowski CEO of Doosan Corporation, Bill Miner Country Chairman of Chevron, Lissa Miner, Michel Puchercos CEO of Lafarge Halla Cement, Frederique Puchercos, Didier Beltoise CEO of Cs attended yesterday.

Members arrived at the BICENA earlier than the scheduled time and had catch-up time.

Started with Grilled Short-arm octopus & Seasoned Vegetables, members could start the dinner specially prepared by BICENA.

All members really loved the display and the taste of Fried Aralia & Rape, Chicken Pancake.



In addition to this, Omar Nahar, Jordanian Ambassador brightened the night with his witty toast ‘Sa. U. Na ‘= ‘Love, Friendship, Share’.

Following to this, Korea CQ 19 member Lee Sungbaek President of SAM O gave a toast,‘Shin. Bal. Kkeun with his big smile, which means ‘For our fun, sticky friendship’.


Later, members all enjoyed Grilled Brisket & Spring Herbs.’ With the wild garlic inside the food, all members could tasted Spring.

Also, James Bemowski CEO of Doosan Corporation showed his fluent Korean by saying ‘spring is like the mind of a lady’, and he also gave a special toast ‘Wee Hwayo’ by mixing ‘Wee Ha Yeo’ with Kwangjuyo group’s Hwayo.

Then, Spring Herbs Bibimbab & Clam, Soy Bean stew was served. 

Korea CQ 7 member, Seol Do Won Vice President of Homeplus gave a ‘Let’s have ‘Hot-heated love, and let’s cool off the earth’. Also, Bill Miner Country Chairman of Chevron, K Chung President of K Chung, Hwang Chung Hyon Director of Dr. Hwang Orthodontics, Michel Puchercos CEO of Lafarge Halla Cement also gave a witty toast and made yesterday’s night unforgettable.

Later, Vice President James Bemowski gave an opportunity to taste the Kwangjuyo group’s premium soju Hwayo X. Premium. Hwayo X. Premium matured
for more than 5 tears, and you could feel rich deep flavor and the sweetness of grain wine.

Our delicious dinner ended with Mugwort Ice Cream.

Thank you once again for your participation.


Korea CQ Hyesoo Shin


For more pictures, please click the link below.

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