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Title CCF Night 2016 Mini Interview
Posted by webmaster Hit 1625 Date 2016.09.28

CCF Night 2016 Mini Interview






Luigi Scognamiglio, CEO of ‘OM’

Q. You have a cosmetic brand in Italy. Koreans are very interested in cosmetics. Why do you think that is?

A. Because Korean woman are really, the most beautiful in the world.


Katrina Sedgwick, Director of the Australian Centre

Q. What was the most impressive culture that you discovered in Korea during the last three days?

A. Theres been so many impressive things, but I was really thrilled to go to the Arumjigi culture keepers foundation, because there, the traditional and the modern were brought together in an entirely unique and exciting way.





Vir Sanghvi, Journalist

Q. Which Korean food did you enjoy the most during the last three days?

A. Thats a hard question actually, because I loved it all. I suppose the obvious answer would be the beef because Im a Hindu. I think whats impressed me most is kimchi, because the whole culture of fermentation, culture used in both senses, is I think something Koreas given the world. Its good for health, its very complicated. I think Ive learned from Korea.




Irina Prokhorova, Owner and Editor-in-chief of New Literary Observer

Q. When you go back to Russia, if you can write about one thing about Korea, what would you write about?

A. You know, today, we tried to formulate 3 or 4 words about Korea  our first impressions, so I tried to summarize. So, its vibrant, ambitious, elegant, and sophisticated.




Rosnan Rahman, Traditional Dance 'Makyung' Performer

Q. Youre an expert in Malaysian traditional dances. Whats your feeling when you saw Korean traditional dances?

A. Korean traditional dances have very graceful movement, at the same time, very highly active elements also, and the important thing, the dancers have the skill. We can see that is true from percussion and fans. I really admire the way they dance.


Junko Yoshida, Journalist

Q. Since you write a lot about music and musicians, who
s your favorite Korean musician?

A. It is difficult to choose one, because I think musicians in Korea, they go directly to the core of the music. I don
t know why, but 정명훈 and 조성진 also. I like so many kinds of generations.


Benson Phua, CEO of Esplanade

Q. What was the most impressive art you discovered in Korea the last three days?

A. Actually, in many ways, my quote answers this question. Because I saw salt here. Its you. Art is you. It is real, its authentic, its deep, its original, and theres nothing that needs to be fabricated because its part of how we live. And this needs to be discovered. The world needs to know about Korea.


Paul Bassett, World Champion Barista

Q. Your Paul Bassett Coffee Shop is so famous. Its like your name is Star-Bucks. How does it feel to be famous in Korea?

A. It
s beyond my wildest dreams. I have to pinch myself every time I come here. I think the greatest privilege is being able to being part of help, developing grow the specialty coffee industry here, which is great, and Im really happy to be a part of.


Beyhan Murphy, Choreographer, Stage and Artistic Director

Q. You were a dancer in the past. If you could bring one dance back to Turkey, what would you bring?

A. Actually, you know what, I wouldnt want to bring anything back  you know why? Dance is about movement. Its about the movement of spirit, mind, body, soul, emotion  everything. I would like a constant movement between Turkey and Korea. Thats why I wouldnt want to bring anything back. I would like to share it so that we can create some kind of platform where Turkish dances are coming to Korea, Korean dances are coming to Turkey. Thats what I would like to create if possible.




Tim Strong, Jazz and Blues Singer


Q. You will be performing a Korean song from the 60s. Tell us what we should expect.

A. Well, I chose the song because it has what we call blue notes. Its not just a happy pop song even though I love pop as well. But this one actually has a jazz and blues singer. This has intervals in it that are really interesting. Its a very sophisticated song, and the lyric is, for those, if you are able to understand my Korean today, its very moving, and it touches you deeply, so Im very happy about it.


강수진국립발레단 단장 겸 예술감독


Q. 독일에서 오래 지내셨는데한국의 뭐가 제일 그리웠나요?

A. 제가 아주 어렸을 적 한국을 떠났을 때가장 좋아했던 음식이 김치였지만 아직까지도 외국에서 특히나 무용수로서 김치를 매일 먹기가 힘들어요딱 하루 휴일이 나면 그 전날 먹고냄새를 없애기 위해 사우나를 합니다그래서 아직까지도 언제나 그리웠던 음식은 김치이고마늘이 들어가있는 모든 종류의 한국 음식들을 지금 한국에 와서 매일 먹을 수 있어 너무 행복해요.




Harry Darsono, Designer, Artist

Q. What was the most impressive design that you discovered in Korea?

A. I
ve been collecting lots of national costumes. And mostly, if you wear the national costume, so elegant that you cant even move. You are just like this like a 인형(?) But my hanbok, and their hanbok, they dance, its the most versatile national costume, and thats maybe, the creator of this must be very smart and (?) person, because it represents the national costume of the first moving nation Korea. I can move, I can dance, I cannot just sit like this. Its so comfortable.




Ana Serrano, Chief Digital Officer of Canadian Film Centre

Q. Whats your favorite Korean movie? Or K-drama?

A. I
ll do both. My favorite Korean movie of all time this year, like many Korean movies, is the one I saw at Cannes, and it was The Wailing (곡성). It really was one of the most visceral, scary, yet slightly funny movies Ive seen in a long time. So thats one. And in terms of K-Drama, which Im a little bit of addicted to, I have to say, I like the ones that have a very particular weird format, so Oh My Ghostess (오 나의 귀신님) is something that I like a lot.




Pierre Sang Boyer, Owner Chef

Q. If you can bring one Korean food to your restaurant in France, what would you bring?

A. Maybe it would be one ingredient. It think about 오미자, because you dont have it anywhere except Korea.


New Zealand


Tama Waipara, Maori Performer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Singer-Songwriter

Q. You will be performing a Maori song tonight. Tell us about the song.

A. The song is Pokarekare Ana, and it
s special because it shares relationship with Korea, and youll know it as 연가. So instead of ‘비바람이 치던 바다’ I sing pokarekare ana, and its a love song, written to express love from afar. In fact, he was trying so hard to impress this beloved person that he wrote a letter to the whole tribe to let them know just how deep that love was. That song comes from the region of the east-coast of the north island of New Zealand, and it talks about the rivers of the way up, which is- thats an area I come from. But in Rotorua, they loved it so much that they stole it, and they said the waters of Rotorua. But now its traveled all the way to Korea.




Charles-Antoine de Vibraye, Owner of Chateau de Cheverny

Q. You have a castle, which is awesome. If you can bring one thing from Korea to your castle in France, what would you bring?

A. Such a temptation. But I think with the piece of furniture in my luggage, I will face many problems with customs at the airport, so I think that is impossible. So instead I will take with me, a piece of your fantastic enthusiasm to promote culture.




Javier Moro, Writer

Q. If you can write about, or introduce one thing about Korea to all your readers, what would you introduce?

A. Well, there is a notion that keeps (coming) back to my mind the first few days I
ve seen Korea, which is 빨리빨리. When Im sleeping, it keeps coming back. That says a lot of things, mostly about the vibrancy of this country.

중국 셩치.jpg 



Sheng Qi, Painter

Q. If Korea is a bull what animal is China?

A. Dragon. Because, it
s strong and beautiful.


United Kingdom


Beth McKillop, Senior Research Fellow of Victoria and Albert Museum

Q. Your museum in the UK has a Korean gallery. What was the motivation behind founding the Korean gallery?

A. The things we
ve seen in the last few days, the elegance, the vibrancy, the ambition of Korea through its culture needed to be shown in the Victorian Albert Museum, my museum, because we tell the story of international art and design and creativity, and without Korea, that story is not complete.

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