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Title Korea CQ - Epilogue of Visiting Atelier of Artist Myung Hee Oh
Posted by webmaster Hit 3345 Date 2016.04.06
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Dear Korea CQ members,

I hope you are enjoying the wonderful spring weather.  

On April 5th, Korea CQ visited the atelier of artist Myung Hee Oh, Professor of The University of Suwon, to appreciate her delicate and artworks. 

Members who participated were H.E. Arslan Hakan Okcal, H.E. Elisabeth Bertagnoli, Isabelle Tricaud, Eun Ja Min, Jae Woo Park, Jeong Ug Hong, Kwiyeon Kim, Didier Beltoise, Jungwha Choi, and special guests Tainam Jung, Doris Walchli Giraud.

CQ members arrived at the atelier, located at Gwangjang-dong, and had time to catch up with a glass of champagne. 


Dinner started with a toast by H.E. Arslan Hakan Okcal, thanking Professor Myung Hee Oh for the invitation to her atelier. Member enjoyed the delicious sushi dosirak for dinner, as well as dessert, all provided by Professor Oh.


After dinner, members watched videos ‘A Little Song of Life’ made by Professor Oh, showing her drawings in motion. Everyone was awed to see the beautiful scarves from her paintings come to life through the screen, blown about by the wind. Professor Oh then explained her numerous artworks, as well as the procedures she takes to make them. 



Professor and Oriental Artist Myung Hee Oh is well known for her scarf drawings. She received the Korean Artist Award in 2008, Elist Artist Award at the Artist Awards in 2014, and is actively working on the world stage, participating in art fairs such as the Chicago Art Fair, LA Art Fair, Asia Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong, and Art Miami. 

Professor Oh explained the various methods she uses in her artwork, such as videos, 3D, sculpture, oil painting, coloring, and lacquer. She described how she uses her own sense and touch to shed a new light on the traditional subjects, wild flowers and birds, expressing them in her own unique way. Members then took a tour around the atelier to appreciate the works on display. 


Professor Oh also gave us a behind-the-scenes story of how she came to draw scarves. She once saw a black plastic bag floating along with the wind, and became entranced with the movement. The bag look so free, and she wished to capture that feeling of liberty, and so she started drawing scarves. CQ members gave passionate questions, and had the opportunity to talk about Professor Oh’s works. 


It was an interesting and beneficial time in which our members learned and felt Professor Myung Hee Oh’s sincerity and passion towards art. 


CICI would like to express gratitude to Professor Myung Hee Oh for her warm hospitality for giving us an opportunity to visit her atelier. 

We also wish to thank all CQ members who attended the forum and enjoyed the evening with us, and Hyojin Chung for her outstanding interpretation help. 

Thank you again for your unwavering support and have a nice day.

For more pictures, please click the link below.


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