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Title Launching of 5∙4 Club
Posted by webmaster Hit 1486 Date 2013.03.25


The launching luncheon of 5∙4 Club was held successfully, with assemblyman Il-ho Yoo, French ambassador H.E. Jerome Pasquier, Irish ambassador H.E. Eamonn Mckee, Indonesian ambassador H.E. John Prasetio, Jordanian ambassador H.E. Omar Nahar and around 40 founding members of 5∙4 Club participated.


Thank you all very much for coming to the launching to celebrate a new start.


The launching started with Il-ho Yoo's congratulatory address and greetings by Choi Junghwa and Didier Beltoise. And there was a presentation of 5∙4 Club activities and its future missions.


After the top notch luncheon, 5∙4 Club members' introduction brought the launching to the end.
5∙4 Club will introduce Korea's 4 key elements(what to see, what to eat & drink, where to enjoy, relax & buy, what to talk about)  through 5 senses to the future foreign visitors.
We will provide customized programs which can give a full experience of Korea to the visitors.


At the same time, 5∙4 members can extend their networks and promote themselves.


We are looking forward to your active participation and also open to any good suggestions, so please do not hesitate to contact us. 
Thank you again.




Didier Beltoise Cs CEO

Choi Jungwha CICI President




For more pictures, please clici the link below

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