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Title Korea CQ - Kim Sun Wook's Recital
Posted by webmaster Hit 2975 Date 2013.11.22

Pianist Kim Sun-wook's journey to complete all 32 Beethoven Sonatas finally came to its end.

Kim Sun Wook has been playing the Beethoven sonatas in chronological order since two years ago.


Kim Sun-wook is one of the leading Korean pianists of his generation since winning the prestigious Leeds competition in 2006. He was the first-ever Asian to earn the distinction.


Yesterday, our members, Bernard Vincent, Eve Law-Thime, Didier Beltoise, Joris Dierckx, Martin Tricaud, Mrs. Tricaud, Susan Ling, Kwon Gee Chan, Hong Hyung Taek,Park Hee Sung,Song See Eun attended the concert.


Before heading to the concert hall, Yoon Yeo-Soon, President of LG Arts Center, graciously offered us the access to the VIP Lounge.

          사진   사진

At the crowded auditorium filled with more than 2,400 music lovers, Pianist Kim Sun Wook delicately but charismatically performed the last three Beethoven's sonatas without an intermission.


The audiences gave a standing ovation and applauded for his encore performance.


After the performance, Pianist Kim Sun Wook briefly visited the VIP Lounge for CQ members to take a picture together. He then busily headed to his Fan-signing event for his 2,000 awaiting fans.


We thank President Yoon Yeo-Soon for her support for CICI, for making the photo time with Pianist Kim possible, and for providing a comfortable space to rest and to chat with members before the concert.


Lastly thank you to all our CQ members for attending the recital last night and for actively participating in CICI events.

To see more pictures, please click the link below

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