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Title Korea CQ- Special Lecture by Eran Kats Epilogue
Posted by webmaster Hit 1522 Date 2013.05.29

On May 27, H.E. Tuvia Israeli, Ambassador of Israel invited CQ members to Israel Culture Center for a special lecture "Gifts for the Mind" by Dr. Eran Katz, a brain specialist.
It was rainy day, but many members came to listen to the lecture. After welcome address by H.E. Tuvia Israeli, Ambassador of Israel and Choi Jungwha, president of CICI, the lecture started.
First, Eran Katz, proved his memory skills by remembering 20 random words which was chosen by audience and they were amazed by his skill.
And, he explained what people usually remember or not. He taught his 'association memory skill' and audience tried it with him. His lecture was very humorous and had a lot of participations of audience.

After the lecture, embassy of Israel prepared a special Israeli and Korean dinner. CQ members had a chance to talk to Dr. Eran Katz and took photos with him
We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Eran Katz who gave a wonderful lecture and thank you H.E. Tuvia Israeli, Ambassador of Israel for giving such an opportunity.

For more photos, please click the link below
Eran Kats's Lecture
"Gifts for the Mind"
Amazing brain skills we didn't know we have
People only remember what they are interested in. We choose to remember or not. We don't know what picture is in the bill they see every day or don't remember famous logo because we are not interested in. Our brain is like a computer, so, to remember, you have to press 'save' button by showing interest and paying attention.
We cannot multitask. So, we have to focus on the target and task and ignore distraction. We focus on something when it is interesting, unusual or new. Imagination is stronger than logic. We have to create association with imagination to remember something.
For example, let's say we have to remember 10 words; bed, fish, carpet, dress, dog, car, TV, flower pot, cigarette, telephone. If you associate 2 words it will make much easier to remember the random words. Let's make sentences. "There is a fish on the bed. the fish is covered with carpet. the carpet is a dress, dog wear the dress and the god is driving a car. while he is driving, there was a TV on the street.  It was used as a flower pot, inside of the pot there were cigarettes, and the cigarettes were falling from phone."
Memory is not biological. When we were young, we ask questions about everything. However, when we grow up, we don't question anymore. We need enthusiasm to remember better. If you are enthusiastic, not only you remember better, but your life becomes better. Israeli academy, yeshiva, gives enthusiasm to students with debate. Also, walking and moving helps to refresh your mind. It gives oxygen to your brain and helps you remember better. Walking makes your memory twice better and it also helps with ADHD.
Artificial incentive helps too. For example, there are match makers in Israel. And match makers consider how smart the person is to match others. The most smart person in yeshiva get a chance to merry the most beautiful and rich.
Organizing helps to remember better. Memorizing abbreviation, and classification will improve your memory. When you memorize your passwords, give a meaning to the each word and turn it into a sentence.
Most people are afraid of presentation because they are afraid of forgetting what they have to say in the presentation. We don't forget 'where' is our knees. Like this, if we associate things with space (where), we remember better. People remember visual things better than anything. To do presentation, all you have to do is know your stuff and have key words. And each key word associates with stuff in the room.
We need to erase previous knowledge because sometimes it can be handicap. Brain tends to do fixed in a certain pattern. We have to change the way of thinking and re-format things that we do not need or failures we have made.  
Last, to learn a new language; talk, speak, make mistakes. You only need 1000 words to understand 75% of any language in the world. If you know 1000 words in some language we will communicate pretty good.
Last, we don't need to remember or memorize everything. You have to move on from mistakes and keep being enthusiastic
1. Didier Beltoise : I am learning Korean and it is hard to memorize Korean words. How can I make it easy?
A : If you use 'association' it will help. For example, Anyoung (hello in Korean) sounds like 'onion' so I remember onion. Also, sarang (love) sounds similar with an Israeli singer, so I could remember. It is not a perfect way, but still helps.
2. Joseph Yang : Does 'photographic memory' exist? how can I remember numbers better?
A : First, it is Ok to use a device like smart phone to remember because we cannot multitask. And when you try to remember, divide by ideas it will helps. There is no 'photographic memory', but some people memorize thing by visual. And anybody can develop this memory skill.
3. Christophe Piganiol : You said people cannot multitask, but I think women can do. What do you think?
A : I think women can jump from task to other task and still concentrate well. Physically, we can do multitask, but mentally, we cannot.
4. Eugenia Bellova : Is there anybody who is good at memorizing in your family? How are your two daughters?
A : Not in my family, but my wife of course is smarter than me. There is a saying in China 'When student is ready teacher appears'. Asking yourself is the best way to learn. When my daughters were ready to learn I taught them about the memory skills.
5. Kim Miyoung, Secretary of Israeli ambassador : Have you ever done IQ test?
A : No, I don't think  you need high IQ to memorize well. It is not relevance with memory. 

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