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Title Korea CQ - 15 Opening and Almuni Party Epilogue
Posted by webmaster Hit 1075 Date 2013.04.25

We started the first CQ 15 forum in a very enjoyable and friendly atmosphere with around 60 CQ members who attended despite their busy schedules.



In particular, Jasmine Lee who is our special member, H.E. Jerome Pasquier, the French ambassador, H.E. Dusan Bella, the Slovak ambassador and Mrs. Eugenia Bellova kindly attended.



Before the program began, funny pps slides prepared by CICI lifted the atmosphere and the restaurant was filled with laughing.



CQ members then watched a video and photos of CICI Korea 2013 held in last January.



The dinner commenced with welcome toasts by Jasmine Lee and Jerome Pasquier.



CQ members had a pleasant time catching up each other and enjoyed delightful conversation over dinner which was wonderfully prepared by Buon Posto.



As always, the highlight of the ceremony was the self-introduction of the CQ members and the introduction of the CQ program. The sense of humor of the CQ members remains unforgettable.



Last but not least, it was time for the lucky draw. Congratulations to all the lucky CQ members!



CICI would like to express gratitude again to H.E. Dusan Bella; Jay Hyuk Shim,Vice Chairman of Taekwang Industrial Company; Gee Chan Kwon,Chairman of Wearfun; Hoon Sook Moon, President of UCF Korea; Ki Taek Jeong, GM of Konjiam Resort; Hee Sook Jung,B2B Team Leader of DIAGEO Korea; Joohyun Ha,President of Bioderma Korea Ltd.; Didier Beltoise, President of Cs, Herve Bouvier, President of ELCA Korea and Choi Jungwha, President of CICI who sponsored gifts for the alumni party.



We also thank all members who attended the Korea CQ 15 Opening Party and Welcoming- Spring Party.



We are looking forward to your continuous and active participation. 

For more pictures, please click the link below:

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