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Title Korea CQ- Tasting Korean Cuisine, Bistro Seoul
Posted by webmaster Hit 1872 Date 2014.09.17

Dear Korea CQ Members,

On September 16, Korea CQ visited Fine Hansik restaurant ‘Bistro Seoul’ in Gangnam.


Bistro Seoul is widely loved restaurant by many people due to its authentic and delicious hansik and its atmosphere. 


Kim Suk Bum; Director of HSBC Bank, Lim Hyang Ok Jade; Professor of GSIT, HUFS, Choi Jungwha; President of CICI, Yann Le Bourdon; President of L’Oreal Korea, Stephanie Le Bourdon, Martha Worth; Writer, Philip Iglauer; Reporter of Korea Herald, Didier Beltoise; President of Cs participated yesterday’s night.

Members arrived to the Bistro Seoul earlier than the scheduled time to have some catch-up time. 

Starting with Assorted vegetables, octopus and shrimp with tangy mustard sauce, Assorted Korean style pancakes, we all enjoyed Braised chicken in spicy sauce served with shredded scallion and fried garlic. 

All members really loved Charcoal Grilled Pork marinated in soybean sauce and charcoal grilled minced beef marinated in soy based sauce with ginseng.

Then pork & kimchi stew came, which we could experience the real ‘hot’ taste of Korean dining. For the dessert, Vanilla ice cream with homemade candied walnuts and sesame crackers was served to finish our lovely dinner.


Members all shared many stories from Cosmetics, Korean history, and special episodes during Chuseok and also the love stories which warmed us all.


We thank our members for coming to the dinner and for making it more enjoyable and also thank the team of Bistro Seoul for preparing wonderful dinner.

Thank you very much.

CICI Hyesoo Shin.

For more pictures, please click the link below.
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