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제목 [한국알리기 국내외 행사] Mother, daughter promote traditional hand-made beef jerky [The KoreaTimes 2019-09-27]
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Jung Yook Po CEO Kim Ji-yoon and her mother Kim Jeong-ja, an expert in Korean cuisine. Courtesy of CICI
By Dong Sun-hwa
Beef jerky has mostly been considered a mere side dish for drinks in Korea. But Kim Ji-yoon, CEO of hand-made jerky brand Jung Yook Po, 
is breaking such a perception and leading a new culinary trend with her quality products that deserve to be main courses.

"What's unique about our jerky is that we naturally dry it for days, without using any machines," Kim said during the Korea CQ Forum on Tuesday 

at SMT House in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. "To make it softer and palatable, we also don't use any artificial heat."

With her mother Kim Jeong-ja, a master of Korean traditional cuisine, the CEO dries the jerky in Pyeongchang, in Gangwon Province, a neighborhood 

with fine wind and beef.

"We solely resort to traditional methods for the production, but the way we serve our product is modern," Kim said. "We carried out endless experiments 

to figure out which part of the beef is most savory when it turns into jerky. After finding out the five best parts ― including oyster blade ― we developed 

trendy recipes."

Bread with Traditional Jerky. Korea Times photo by Dong Sun-hwa

Kim offered a wide range of dishes on the forum day. One of the most mouth-watering was "Bread with Traditional Jerky," served with cheese, walnut 

and garden-fresh salad.

Opinion leaders including Singaporean Ambassador Eric Teo and Russian Ambassador Andrey Kulik attended the event at SMT House, a restaurant 

run by music label SM Entertainment's food affiliate SM F&B Development.

The organizer was Corea Image Communication Institution (CICI), a global cultural promotion advocacy.

From top left are Mark Chung, President of KCMI; Shim Il-kwon, Executive Director of Cosmos Corporation; Erwan Vilfeu, President of Zuellig Pharma Korea; Andrey Kulik, 

Russian Ambassador; Marina Suanova, wife of the of Russian Ambassador; Eric Teo, Singaporean Ambassador; Park Hae-Won Park, President of CHA Bio F&C; From bottom left 

are Didier Beltoise, President of Cs; Kim Ji-yoon, CEO of Jung Yook Po; Choi Jung-wha, President of CICI; Go Young-ha, President of AMC Asia; Park So-yoon, Representing Researcher 

of Lemonade & Co.; Kim Min-jae, wife of the Singaporean Ambassador; Ian Jeong, Director of Jeong-Ian Oriental Medicine Clinic; James Park, Director of BIO Plastic Surgery; Ryu Kwon-ha, 

CEO of Korea Joongang Daily; and Park Yun-jung, CEO of Mint Tour. Courtesy of CICI

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