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제목 [한국알리기 국내외 행사] CICI winter gathering looks back on this year's activities, presents next year's plans [코리아타임즈 2018-11-28]
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CICI winter gathering looks back on this year's activities, presents next year's plans


Members of Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI), opinion leaders from home and abroad, at the CICI-Korea CQ Winter Welcoming Gathering at the Grand Hyatt Seoul, Monday. Courtesy of CICI


By Jung Da-min


The Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI) held a winter gathering Monday at the Grand Hyatt Seoul.


At the CICI-Korea CQ Winter Welcoming Gathering, members of CICI reviewed this year's cultural events, where opinion leaders home and abroad gathered to learn about and experience Korean culture.


CICI's plans for next year have also been revealed.


Among the nine main events held this year were: A tour of KEB Hana Bank Place 1 and lecture on '2018 Economic View' in February and a visit to 'Nine House' in Gapyeong, the house of Jazz vocalist Nah Youn-sun and her husband In Jae-jin, Jarasum Jazz Festival director, in May.


August saw the Culture Communication Forum 2018 (CCF 2018), where 10 delegates from 10 countries were invited.


In October there was a visit to the National Hangeul Museum and a special lecture by Seung H-Sang, Chief Commissioner of the Presidential Commission on Architecture Policy.


2018 participants also experienced a visit to CEO of Designhouse, Lee Young-hey's hanok "Jiwoohun" and a lecture on hanbok by Kim Young-jin, CEO of Tchai Kim in November.


In 2019, CICI's event series will kick off with the CICI Korea 2019 Korea Image Awards on Jan. 10.


Main events that will be held next year include a special lecture by Kim Rando, professor of consumer science and trends at Seoul National University, as well as a visit to Chief Commissioner of the Presidential Commission on Architecture Policy, Seung H-Sang's "Iroje."


Additionally, there will be a special lecture by professor Yoo Hong-jun, former director of the Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA).


Interested parties can also expect a visit to the Yoo Geum Museum and a special lecture on "Preservation of Hanok in North Korea" by Dr. Elisabeth Chabanol ― director of the French School of Asian Studies and team leader of French-North Korean joint investigation.



Korea CQ Awardees | During the CICI-Korea CQ Winter Welcoming Gathering held Monday at the Grand Hyatt Seoul, H.E. Bader Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Awadi, Kuwaiti Ambassador, second from left, received the Korea CQ Cooperation Award. Second from the right is Go Young-ha, CEO of AMC Asia, next to Joseph Young, Representative Director of Bureau Veritas Korea, who received the Korea CQ Alumni Award. Courtesy of CICI



Hungarian Ambassador H.E. Mozes Csoma giving a toast in Korean. Courtesy of CICI



New Zealand Ambassador H.E. Philip Turner giving a toast. Courtesy of CICI



Canadian Ambassador H.E. Michael Danagher, best dressed of the evening, following the dress code of "red and white." Courtesy of CICI

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