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제목 [문화소통 포럼 CCF] Winners named for annual CICI photo, video contest [코리아중앙데일리 2018-07-24]
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Romania Embassy employee Teodorescu Iordan Daniel’s “View Over Seoul” won the Grand Award at “Korea through the Lens, Video and Photography Contest!” last week, and will be awarded at Culture Communication Forum in August organized by Corea Image Communication Institute. [TEODORESCU IORDAN DANIEL, COREA IMAGE COMMUNICATION INSTITUTE]

A photo of Seoul’s night sky that shows a mix of traditional homes and cutting-edge buildings won a photo contest awarding the best photos of Korea’s capital city. 

Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI), which works to promote scenes all across Korea, announced the winner of its second edition of “Korea Through the Lens, Video and Photography Contest!” last week. 

Romania Embassy employee Teodorescu Iordan Daniel’s “View Over Seoul” won the Grand Award for capturing the lights of different types of buildings in Seoul at night. The award ceremony will be held on Aug. 29, as part of the institute’s annual Culture Communication Forum event at the Grand Hyatt Seoul in Yongsan District, central Seoul. 

Fifteen others won awards out of 264 pieces that were entered from people hailing from 21 different countries including the United States, Italy, Iraq, South Africa and Indonesia. 

Oh Kwoen-yeol’s “Morning Walk” and Min Kyoung-chan’s “Alley Talk” won the Excellence Award while Latvian Ambassador to Korea Peteris Vaivars won a Special Award for his work “The Guards of Seoul” taken at Deoksu Palace, central Seoul. 

The Runner-up Award will be given to three works: “Mother’s Road” by Kim Jeom-gab; “Street of Korea”, a video by Fatchurochman and Setiadi Dany Indonesia YouTube Team; and “Gwanghwamoon” by Charles Saswinanto. 

Nine photos were named for the Selected Award including “Watermelon” by Israeli Ambassador to Korea Chaim Choshen and “Street Lines” by Indonesian photographer Wahyu Santosa. 

All 16 wining photos, ranging from scenes of rural areas to traditional royal culture will be on display at the Culture Communication Forum. 


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