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제목 [문화소통 포럼 CCF] Calligrapher wins Korea image contest [The Korea Times 2017-07-25]
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Calligrapher wins Korea image contest
Posted : 2017-07-25 19:35
Updated : 2017-07-25 20:51

Calligrapher Kang Byung-in speaks at the Hyatt Hotel in Seoul, Tuesday, after being awarded the grand prize in a photo and video contest hosted by the Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI). Courtesy of CICI

By Kim Jae-heun

Renowned calligrapher Kang Byung-in won a video contest hosted by the Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI), Tuesday. The competition titled "Korea Seen Through the Lens" awarded participants who best represented images of Korea as part of CICI's Culture Communication Forum (CCF).

Kang received the grand award for his video, "Beautiful Korea and Hangeul," featuring the "harmony of the soul" of the Korean alphabet with nature.

"I participated in this contest with the hope of introducing the beauty of Korean nature and I did not expect to win," said Kang during an interview with The Korea Times at the Hyatt Hotel in Yongsan, Seoul. "I collaborated with photographer Lim Chae-wook, who provided video for my calligraphy expressing nature such as the budding of spring, wind blowing and waterfalls in the mountains.

"I always knew the Korean alphabet Hangeul was beautiful but I did not realize nature in Korea was this beautiful. I hope that foreigners will learn the beauty of Korea as well," said Kang.

Latvian Ambassador Peteris Vaivars won the top award in the photography competition with his piece titled "Nature."

The photograph by Vaivars captures the contrasting harmony of the dark atmosphere in the mountains with colorful fruit hanging from trees.

"This photography contest puts meaning in seeking the beauty of Korea and I thought the moment that I captured in the frame was unique. It was an interesting place where I captured the fusion of tradition and nature of Korea. I tried to fix and freeze the moment and show people what I felt at that time," said Vaivars.

"I took the photo during the golden hours, which are the hours shortly after sunrise and before sunset. The composition of stones, trees and fog in the mountains was unique. It was beautiful," the Latvian ambassador said. 

Vaivars is an amateur photographer which he started as a hobby over 10 years ago. He said he likes to take photographs of nature, in particular, and wants to introduce Korea through them.

A total 101 pieces from 18 countries were entered in the competition and 15 of the applicants won awards.

The CCF launched the video and photo contest under the themes "Korea, I want to introduce it to my foreign friends," and "Korea in my eyes" in May.

The contest was open to anybody living in Korea, including foreign diplomats, businessmen and journalists based here.

The CCF is an annual program led by CICI President Choi Jung-wha, inviting leading cultural figures from G20 countries to Korea. The representatives from each country experience traditional and modern Korean culture and promote them abroad.

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