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제목 [문화소통 포럼 CCF] Culture foundation runs visual contest on Korea [2017-05-23 연합뉴스]
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Culture foundation runs visual contest on Korea

2017/05/23 10:52

SEOUL, May 23 (Yonhap) -- A Seoul-based cultural foundation has opened a photo and video contest about Korea, aimed at piquing interests among foreigners in the country and offering a chance for a dialogue on how to better promote the country abroad.

The Corea Image Communications Institute (CICI), which is holding the contest until July 17, said on Tuesday foreigners living in Korea and Koreans who want to publicize what they think is the country's image can submit photos or videos with the themes of "true Korean identity" and "the side of Korea I want to share with my foreign friends."

   The contest is part of the annual Culture Communication Forum (CCF), which started in 2010 in time for the Group of 20 summit in Seoul. Since the successful first run of the event, the forum became annualized.

For the past seven years, more than 110 people from the G-20 nations were invited to Korea to feel and experience Korean culture and get engaged in conversation on a wide spectrum of culture-related topics.

This year's forum will focus on promoting Korean images where tradition and state-of-the-art technology go side by side, according to the organizer.

An application can be filed with the organizer until July 14. The winners will be announced at Grand Hyatt Seoul on Aug. 29, the night of the Culture Communication Forum 2017, organized by the CICI; the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; the Korean Culture and Information Service; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and the accredited diplomatic missions in Korea.

In December, the winning entries will be displayed at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) for a month.

렌즈를 통해 본 한국.jpg

The image shows the logo of the Culture Communication Forum 2017, run by the Corea Image Communications Institute (CICI). The logo reads, "Korea seen through the Lens." (Yonhap)



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