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제목 [한국알리기 국내외 행사] Korea CQ Forum holds summer gathering[Korea Herald 2018-06-20]
글쓴이 webmaster 조회 1616 등록일 2018.06.20
The Korea CQ Forum of the Corea Image Communication Institute held a ceremony Tuesday at Grand Hyatt Seoul to recognize envoys to Korea for their work in promoting ties between Korea and the countries they represent.
The Korea CQ Culture Award was given to Malaysian Ambassador to Korea Dato Rohana Ramli for bridging cultural exchanges between Malaysia and Korea during her more than five-year tenure in Seoul.
Members of the Korea CQ Forum pose for a group photo at Grand Hyatt Seoul on Tuesday. (CICI)
ngaporean Ambassador Yip Wei Kiat received the Korea CQ Cooperation Award, in recognition of his dedication to preparing for the historic summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore on June 12.
Erwan Vilfeu, CEO of Nestle Korea, received the Korea CQ Creativity Award.
“It has been 15 years, since I joined hands with opinion leaders of politics, economy and culture, to make Korea widely known (around the world),” said Choi Jung-hwa, president of CICI.
Entertainment for the evening included a magic show by Ed Kwon, a rising star in the international magic circuit.
Korea CQ Forum was founded in 2006 by CICI to cultivate “quotients for creativity, communication, cooperation, concentration and culture.” It offers local and foreign members an opportunity to gather and learn about Korea’s culture.
기사출처: By Im Eun-byel (
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