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제목 [한국알리기 국내외 행사] Promoting Korea's peace to world, culturally [The Korea Times 2018-05-31]
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Shin Hae-jin, second from left, vice chairman of Seyoung Enterprise, hosts the 5.4 Club bimonthly gettogether at Stage 28 in Godeok, Seoul, Tuesday. Together with her are Chul Gyu Francis Kim, CEO of SEYOUNGEG, Shin, Didier Beltoise, president of Cs, Choi Jungwha, president of CiCI and Bernhard Brender, general manager of Grand Hilton Seoul. / Courtesy of 5.4 Club

By Oh Young-jin 

On Tuesday, the 5.4 Club had a get-together, which was special for two reasons. 

First, it was held at Stage 28 in Godeok, Seoul, which has a museum dedicated to Korean movies. The owner of the place and the host of the 5.4 function on that day was Shin Hae-jin, vice chairman of Seyoung Enterprise. Shin is the daughter of Shin Young-Kyun, the legendary iconic figure of Korean cinema from the 1960s to 70s. 

The venue covers 25,000 square meters on what used to be the elder Shin's home and was built to bring attention to the history of Korean movies and promote them around the world. 

The second reason to make the Tuesday function special was the atmosphere that was boosted by the changes taking place on the Korean Peninsula.

The participants were of the opinion that a potential looming and lasting peace on the peninsula will serve as good occasion to promote Korea and things Korean. 

Vivian Han, CEO of Congdu, a fusion restaurant, said, "The current dialogue among the Koreas and the United States should be used to let the world know that Korea is becoming a safer place to visit." 

Kim Youn-young, president of Woonsan, an upscale restaurant chain, said, "The international community is taking a greater interest in Korea so it is our mission to show them what high-quality Korean culture is like."

The participants in Tuesday's 5.4 get-together pose. / Courtesy of 5.4 Club

Sung Jae-chul, an adviser of Doosan Magazine, talked about the need to help the world learn about the genius of the Korean alphabet, "hanguel," noting that BTS, a K-pop band, has hit No. 1 on the U.S. 200 Billboard chart. What makes their success unique is that they sing in Korean. "Hanguel is great," he said. 

Choi Jung-hwa, the founder of the club, called for more ways of inviting foreigners to experience Korean culture.

Song Seung-whan, president of PMC Production, who directed the opening and closing ceremonies of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, said that the Olympics helped the world pay attention to Korea and that it is important to keep the momentum going. 

The Tuesday gathering came at a time when reports had it that the sales at cafes north of Seoul and close to the border with the North have doubled, reflecting the growing sense of detente. 

The club's name ― 5.4 ― signifies promoting Korea by creating opportunities for foreign visitors to experience the country using all "five senses" through the "four roads" to Korean culture. 

The four roads are what to see, what to eat and drink, where to enjoy and relax, and what to talk about. 

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