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제목 [문화소통 포럼 CCF] G20 figures experience Korean culture [The Korea Times 2015-09-02]
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Participants at the CICI's Culture Communication Forum learn about the traditional Korean drum "janggu" at the National Gugak Center, Tuesday.
/ Courtesy of CICI

By Kim Jae-heun

The Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI) led by President Choi Jung-wha held its 6th Culture Communication Forum (CCF) in Seoul, inviting leading cultural figures from G20 member countries to experience Korea's traditional and modern culture during the three-day event from Aug. 31 to Sept. 2.

The group of cultural leaders visited some of the country's major tourist attractions, such as the picturesque traditional districts in Buckchon and Insa-dong, filled with antique shops and art galleries, on the first day. Also, the guests rode tricycles to discover the beauty and happiness of slow life in the metropolitan city and wandered down narrow alleys where traces of Korean tradition and culture still remain. The visitors had a chance to enjoy authentic Korean cuisine and 10 different traditional teas served by tea sommelier Kim Dong-gon, Wujeon Tea Master No. 28.

The cultural delegation toured Gangnam District on the second day, which is in the affluent southern Seoul area that became globally popular through K-pop star Psy's music video "Gangnam Style." They also visited the filming location for the movie "Avengers 2" in Gangnam, and visited Garosu-gil, a famous fashion street with trendy multi-brand shops.

The delegates learned to play the Korean traditional drum "janggu" at the National Gugak Center ― a cultural art facility with 1,000 years of tradition and history.

"Janggu was a new instrument to me," said Rob Moose, an emerging multi-instrumentalist from the United States. "The perfect rhythm of samulnori (Korean traditional percussion music) was especially impressive."

At the National Museum of Korea, the largest museum in the country, the guests observed collections and relics from different time periods.

It was the first time for Philippe Magid of Australia, executive director of Bangarra Dance Theatre, to visit Korea and he said that he learned the depth of country's rich culture. Magid said that the affluence of the culture should not be limited to foreigners and that it needs to be promoted among the Koreans as well.

The two-day culture tour in Seoul came to an end with a Korean traditional dinner at Woonsan and a special night tour under the moonlight at Changdeok Palace. The restaurant offered Kaesong specialties from the ancient Goryeo Kingdom, when ancient Korean cuisine saw its golden era. At the palace, the guests held cheongsachorong, a traditional Korean lantern, and walked around the royal site while traditional music was heard at the Yeongyeongdang, a 19th century royal residence.

On the last day, the 15 guests took part in a discussion on the topic "Cultural Combustion in the Smart Age" about their experiences from the two days they were here and considered ways that Korea could promote its culture using Social Network Services

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