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제목 CCF 2014 Schedule
글쓴이 webmaster 조회 1879 등록일 2014.08.27
As CCF 2014 is approaching fast, we are ready to welcome all our participants from all around the world.

The U.K. delegate of CCF 2014 Justin Albert arrived in Seoul yeasterday ,and he has gone to visit Gyeongju now.

and We like to share the scheulde of CCF 2014.

August 31st

Dongdaemoon Design Plaza...
Luncheon at Bicena
Leeum Museum of Art
National Museum of Korea
Dinner at Woonsan
Moonlight tour at Changdeokgung

September 1st

Learn calligraphy by Calligrapher Kang Byung-in
Visit Hyundai Card Jean Nouvel Design Lab and headquarter
Luncheon: Hyundai Card ‘The Box’
Visit Korea Furniture Museum
Dinner at Congdu

September 2nd

CCF Discussion and Q&A with Press
(Presentation and Discussion under the topic of ‘Culture – Mirror and Trigger of Change')
Press Interview
CCF Night, Gala Dinner

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