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Title Korea CQ - Epilogue of Lecture Concert ‘What is Spirit?’ Violinist Joo Hyun Kim
Posted by webmaster Hit 5910 Date 2015.10.15

Dear Korea CQ members,

I hope you are having a great day.

On October 13, Korea CQ had the Lecture Concert ‘What is Spirit?’ by Violinist Joo Hyun Kim at the Kuwait Ambassador’s Residence, located at Itaewon.

Members participated were H.E. Jasem Albudaiwi, Mona Almohammad, H.E. Rohana Ramli, H.E. Omar Nahar, Joo Hyun Kim, Hyun Tae Kim, Junghwa Choi, James B. Bemowski, Johan Vandromme, Eun Ja Min, Young Joo Lee, Myung Hee Lee, Patrick Defranoux, Nathalie Defranoux, Hooran Kim, Ian Jeong, Jee Yeon Kim, Didier Beltoise, Sung Jae Chul, Young Jin Oh, Talal Almansour, Mickey Hyunyu Kim, Susie Lee, Crystal Park and Jae Heun Kim.


CQ members arrived at the residence of Kuwaiti ambassador on time and had time to catch up at reception.


H.E. Jasem Albudaiwi gave a congratulatory message and officially welcomed CQ members. After, members had time to enjoy a video about describing charms of Kuwait.

Before the lecture, we enjoyed the delicious and unforgettable dinner specially prepared by H.E. Jasem Albudaiwi and Spouse of Kuwaiti Ambassador, Mona Almohammad.


After ending the dinner by delicious dessert, lecture concert of Violinist Joo Hyun Kim was started. Joo Hyun Kim won her doctor’s degree at Duesseldorf National University in Germany, and she is the first Korean who received the First Prize at ‘The Johannes Brahms Competition 2002’.

She introduced her best friend, her violin which was made in Italy in 1780, and every member could feel her enthusiasm and love toward the violin.


Thanks to the beautiful melodies of violin, the atmosphere at the forum had heightened. Especially J. S. Bach's ‘Minuet’ playing with hand-bell by Mr. Mickey Hyunyu Kim and Ms. Ian Jeong was wonderful.

2015-10-14 17;19;48.JPG

She said that the beat of rhythm of Bach’s songs are very similar with human’s heart rate.

Ms. Joo Hyun Kim played the violin version of Ennio Morriconne's "Nella Fantasia," for which she arranged the original pieces for the first time in the world, given permission by the composer. We were impressed by the beautiful melody of the song.

2015-10-15 11;51;54.JPG

Then, we appreciated the medley of the songs; Pachelbel’s ‘Canon, Johann Strauss Jr.’s ‘Pizzicato Polka’ and Radetzky March’ by and Edward Elgar's 'Pomp and Circumstance'.

Also, we learned that Mozart's music raises the chances of doctors finding cancerous tumors by 45 percent while doing an endoscopic examination of the large intestine.


Mozart’s songs show all sorts of human emotions with humor. For example, The ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, one of the most well-known songs of Mozart, was composed after the Mozart’s mom was passed away. He overcame the sadness through music.

Lastly, she introduced Brahms, a romantic musician who loved reading and taking walks, according to the violinist, and every members enjoyed the ‘Hungarian Dances’ of Brahms for the ending song.


We thanks to H.E. Jasem Albudaiwi for his warm hospitality from giving us an opportunity to have an unforgettable night at his residence to offering us the wonderful Kuwaiti food. Also we thank all members who were able to take their precious time to attend the Korea CQ lecture concert.

Special thanks to Joo Hyun Kim for her informative and interesting concert and her violin CD, and Crystal Park for her outstanding interpretation help.

Thank you again for your support and have a nice day.

Korea CQ Nayun Shin


For more pictures, please click the link below.

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