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Title Korea CQ - Epilogue of Autumn Welcoming Alumni Gathering & CQ 20 Opening‏
Posted by webmaster Hit 9320 Date 2015.08.27

Dear Korea CQ members,

I hope you are having a great day.

 Korea CQ had the Autumn Welcoming Alumni Gathering & CQ 20 Opening Ceremony on August 25, 2015.


Members participated are : H.E. Rohana Ramli, H.E. Yip Wei Kiat, H.E. Arslan Hakan Okcal, H.E. Jasem Albudiwi, H.E. Raul Hernandez, Mr. James Bemowski, Mr. Francois Provost, Mr. Eugene Bang, Mr. Jae Chul Sung, Mr. Jean Manuel Spriet, Ms. Kwiyeon Kim, Ms. Julia Moon, Mr. Joon Mo Kwon, Ms. Mi Kyung Claire Hong, Mr. Mark Chung, Mr. Didier Beltoise, Mr. Haelyung Hwang, Ms. Seon Hee Kim, Mr. Joseph Young, Ms. Youngha Go, Ms. Myung Ja Kim, Mr. Sungbaek Lee, Mr. Jai Wook Lee, Mr. Jae Woo James Park, Ms. Young Joo Lee, Ms. Eun Gyung Na, Ms. Sunny Han, Prof. Gilles Ouvrard, Ms. Susanne Bemowski, Ms. Seohyun Meng, Ms. Ian Jeong, Prof. Myung Hee Oh, Mr. Johan Vandromme, Mr. Hyun Tae Kim, Mr. Muhammed Fatih Murmaz. For the special guests, Mr. Huseyin Ozbek, Mr. Bernhard Brender, Ms. Youn Young Kim, and Mr. Joel Lee attended.

Malaysian Ambassador H.E. Rohana Ramli kindly invited our members to her resident for this gathering.


CQ members arrived on time and had time to catch up.


We started alumni gathering in pleasant atmosphere with welcoming speech of H.E. Rohana Ramli.


With President Jungwha Choi’s words of greeting, we start to have delicious dinner.


Delicious and unforgettable dinner was specially prepared in Malaysian buffet style, generously organized by H.E. Rohana Ramli.


As the dinner was coming to an end, we had time to introduce CQ 20 members.


During CQ Culture time, we played the Bingo! Quiz, to learn more about Korea CQ and Korea CQ members. The winner was Mr. James Bemowski and the second winner is Ms. Eun Gyung Na.

빙고 2.jpg

After we had the Noraebang time. Mr. Mark Chung was the first to start, and he sang 'Feeling Good', then Mr. Joseph Young, Ms. Ian Jeong, Mr. Jae Woo James Park, H.E. Raul Hernandez, Ms. Susanne Bemowski, Ms. Sunny Han, Ms. Youn Young Kim showcased their hidden singing talent respectively. Ms. Ian Jeong impressed us with her beautiful singing which she prepared prior to this evening.

노래방 2.jpg


H.E. Raul Hernandez received the CQ Culture Night Award with his song "feelings" by Morris Albert.


The best dresser awards were given to Mr. James Bemowski and Ms. Susanne Bemowski who wore blue couple looks. Congratulations!

Then, we had lucky draw time. Once again, a big congratulations to all the lucky CQ members!


CICI would like to express gratitude to Mr. Yann Le Bourdon, Mr. Gee Chan Kwon, H.E. Jasem Albudaiwi, Ms. Seohyun Meng, and Mr. Didier Beltoise for sponsoring gifts for the alumni party.



More importantly, we especially thank H.E. Rohana Ramli for her very warm and generous hospitality from giving us an opportunity to have an unforgettable night at her venue to offering us to taste the wonderful Malaysian gastronomy. Also we greatly appreciate Crystal Park for her outstanding interpretation help.

We also thank all members who were able to take their precious time to attend the Korea CQ Autumn Welcoming Alumni Gathering & CQ 20 Opening Ceremony.

We are looking forward to your continuous and active participation.


For more pictures, please click the link below;


Thank you again for your unwavering support.

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