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Title Korea CQ - Epilogue of Summer Welcoming Gathering & CQ 19 Graduation‏
Posted by webmaster Hit 23856 Date 2015.06.11

Dear Korea CQ members,

On June 9th, Indonesian ambassador H.E. John Prasetio and his wife Mrs. Alexandra Prasetio invited our members to their residence for Korea CQ Summer Welcoming Gathering & CQ 19 Graduation. 

CQ members arrived on time and had catch cup time with a glass of champagne. 


H.E. John Prasetio had a welcoming message, and we watched video clips on true charm of Indonesia. 

인도네시아 대사.JPG

At first, we watched a video on Korea CQ 19 to reflect on what we did during the term and memories shared with CQ 19 members. Then we commenced Korea CQ 19 graduation and an award ceremony.  

Mr. Patrick Defranoux, President of Thales Korea, received the diploma on behalf of Korea CQ 19 members. H.E. Arslan Hakan Okcal, Turkish Ambassador, was awarded with Korea CQ Cooperation Award. And Mr. Dong Hoon Park, CEO of Hands BTL Media Group, received Korea CQ Alumni Award. H.E. Elisabeth Bertagnoli, Austrian Ambassador, received the Korea CQ Culture Award. H.E. John Prasetio and Mrs. Alexandra Prasetio received Special Contribution Award. Finally, Mr. Bill Miner, Country Chairman of Chevron, and Mrs. Lissa Miner received the Korea CQ Grand Award.

Congratulations to all of the awardees. 



After the award ceremony, we all watched the farewell vide for Country Head of BNP Paribas Joris Dierckx and Freelance Brand Ambassadress Chanel K.K. Japan Beatrice Dierckx. Completing his term, they will leave Korea soon. They first joined us at Korea CQ 14, since then they have done a lot of things together with CQ members. Watching the presentation on memories with Joris and Beatrice, memories CQ members were deeply fond by bringing back precious memories with them.

Right after Mr. James Bemowski, CEO and Vice Chairman of Doosan Corporation, offered a pleasant toast, ‘Warm, Welcome, Wonderful!’, and dinner commenced. H.E. John Prasetio and Mrs. Alexandra Prasetio specially prepared delicious and unforgettable dinner, which our members greatly enjoyed. Moreover, CEO of Maeil Dairies Seon Hee Kim provided opportunities for CQ members to taste a new product of Maeil Dairies, Almond Breeze.



When Beef Rendang and Mie Goreng were served, we shared our members’ good news and congratulated each other. Also we watched video that CICI made for H.E. John Prasetio and Mrs. Alexandra to appreciate their great support to CQ.

As the tasty dinner was coming to an end, we puzzled out quiz. H.E. Vikram Doraiswami, Indian Ambassador who was newly appointed as Indian Ambassador to Korea and has a great interest in Korea was the winner of quiz night. 
After that, Korea CQ members showcased their hidden talent through CQ Culture Night. Mrs. Susan Ling was the first to start by singing, ‘Memory’, then Mr. Christophe Piganiol and Mrs. Susan Ling sang together ‘All I ask of you.’ Mr. Dong Hoon Park sang ‘About the Romance,’ Dr. Ian Jeong sang ‘Beautiful Tonight’, and Mr. Chun Wook Hyun sang ‘Love.’ Moreover, Mr.Bill Miner and Mrs. Lissa Miner sang ‘Arirang’ performed by Eugen Bang, and we were very much fascinated with guitar performance and sweet song by Mr. Joseph Yang. Mr. Chul Kon Tam, Chairman of Orion Group, received Best Performer Award.

And H.E. Rohana Ramli, Malaysian Ambassador, and H.E. Wei Kiat Yip, Singaporean Ambassador were received Best Dresser Awards of the night.


We watched CICI’s activities video and President Choi introduced Korea 20 CQ program which will start on August 25, and special guests H.E. Vikram Doraiswami, Indian Ambassador, and H.E. Wei Kiat Yip, Singaporean Ambassador , and many of our members showed their inters.

We had lucky draw time. Specially, we thank Ms. Seon Hee Kim, CEO of Maeil Dairies, Dr. Ian Jeong, Director of JEONG-Ian Oriental Medicine Clinic, Mr. Mark Chung, President of KCMI, Mr. Yann Le Bourdon, President of Executive Director of L’Oreal Korea, Ms. Yura Roh, President of Yuella, Ms. Seohyun Meng Director of Dreamwelfare, and Mr. Didier Beltoise, President of Cs for sponsoring valuable items.

Big congratulations to all the lucky CQ members!


Lastly, CICI would like to express our gratitude to all CQ alumni and Korea CQ 19 graduates. Also we greatly appreciate Ms. Mi Kyung Claire Hong and Ms. Crystal Park’s help as an emcee and an interpreter.

Most importantly, we appreciate H.E. John Prasetio and Mrs. Alexandra Prasetio for their warm-hearted generosity for inviting CQ friends to their residence and preparing wonderful dinner.

Thank you and have a nice day.

For more pictures, please click the link below;

Korea CQ Alumni


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