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Title Korea CQ - April's Wine Club
Posted by webmaster Hit 2327 Date 2015.04.21
Dear Korea CQ members,

On April 16, Korea CQ April’s wine club was held at Soigne, at Banpo-dong.

April’s wine club was operated with the generous support from Mark Chung, president of KCMI and Yuni Chung, president of Oliversweet as well as member of Korea CQ 16.

Hwang Haelyung, Park Jae Woo James, Park Min Sun, Hong Hyung Taek, Lee Hyun Ju, Park So Eun, Park So Yoon, Song Si Eun, Go Youngha, Young Joseph, Choi Jungwha, James Bemowski, Susanne Bemowski, Bill Miner, Lissa Miner, Christophe Piganiol, Beatrice Dierckx, Didier Beltoise were among the participants of the dinner.

'Soigne' means 'Well-made' in French and it is widely known as the restaurant of famous chef Lee Jun.

Everyone was on time at soigne despite the cold weather, participants gathered and had time to catch up with enjoying smooth refreshing taste of 'Nino Franco Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG.’

와인 1.jpg

Wine dinner started with Kimchi and ‘Mas Neuf Rhone Paradox Condrieu’, a wine made in Rhone valley, southern part of France with hint of flower flavor.

Members enjoyed Soigne Escargot, specially prepared by Chef Lee Jun, and mung bean gnocchi a la Romana with ‘Joseph Mellot Sancerre Blanc La Graceliere,’ which has light gold color with a slight greenish hue.

와인 2.jpg

Also, humorous toasts by Hwang Haelyung and James Bemowski made the atmosphere more enjoyable with full of laughing.

Following, ‘Fratelli Giacosa Barbera d’Alba DOC 2012,’ red wine from Alba, Italy which has strong fruit aroma and dark ruby color, made wine club amicable.

Korea CQ April's wine club was ended with  ‘Samalens XO’ for digestif.

We sincerely appreciate President Mark Chung and Yuni Chung for supporting valuable wines and the wonderful venue, also for all participants for making our wine club more enjoyable.
The upcoming wine club will be on June 18, 2015 sponsored by Bang Eugene, Country Head Director of DBS Bank Korea. The details of each event will be announced again in due time. 

Thank you very much and have a nice day.
Korea CQ Wine Club
President James B. Bemowski
President Hwang Haelyung

와인 3.JPG

For more pictures, please click the link below.
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