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Title Korea CQ - Epilogue of Experience making pottery‏
Posted by webmaster Hit 1516 Date 2015.04.16

Dear Korea CQ members,
I hope you are having a great day.

On April 14, Korea CQ members visited Yido Artce, a multi-story cultural complex, to make hand-crafted Korean pottery.

H.E. Elisabeth Bertagnoli, Yoonshin Yi, Sunny Han, Pinar Okcal, Hwi Young Chong, James Bemowski, Susanne Bemowski, Jungwha Choi, Dong Hoon Park, Bill Miner, Lissa Miner, Chung Hyon Hwang, Seung Jae Yoo, Didier Beltoise, Sungbaek Lee, Si Eun Song, Hyun Ju Lee participated in the forum.

CQ members arrived at Yido Artce, located at Gahoe-dong, on time and had time to enjoy the delicious dinner specially prepared by Morac, Korean dining.

After the dinner, we looked around the gallery and appreciated exhibited paintings of ‘Image of Nature’ by Ju Tae Seok and the beautiful pottery at Yido Artce. Every member was amused with artistic Korean ceramic pieces.  


Following the expert’s guidance, we made hand-crafted Korean pottery. After cutting the clay for the bottom part of the cup, we piled the clay up to make the body. And we shaped and decorated it creatively.


Our members showed their deep interest on Korean pottery which our ancestors actually used in their everyday life, and it was precious time to understand their life style as well.

CICI would like to express our gratitude to Yoonshin Yi, President of Yido for allowing us to enjoy the beauty of Korean pottery and Caroline Nam, President of Sun At Food for providing delicious Korean dining, Morac

Also we thank CQ members who attend the forum and enjoyed the night with us.

Coming on May 9, we will have joyful time at Hangwa Cultural Museum. It will be a great opportunity to learn the history of Hangwa, the Korean traditional sweets, and to make personal hangwa with the beautiful view of Pyunggang Botanical Garden. 

Thank you.

Korea CQ Nayun Shin


For more pictures, please click the link below.

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