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Title Korea CQ - Epilogue of Lecture on 'Build with Music'
Posted by webmaster Hit 3820 Date 2017.03.23
Dear Korea CQ members,
I hope you are enjoying beautiful spring days.
On March 22, Korea CQ had a lecture on ‘Build with Music’ by Architect Mr. Jin Seok Yang at the Thai Ambassador’s residence in Itaewon-dong.
H.E Sarun Charoensuwan, Weeree Thitipoonya, Jin Seok Yang, H.E Wei Kiat Yip, Martin Tricaud, Isabelle Tricaud, Bill Miner, Lissa Miner, Sumi Jang, Youngha Go, Uloff Münster, Patricia Münster, Soeun Park, Eun Gyung Na, So Yoon Park, Jungwha Choi, Didier Beltoise, Won Ki Yoon, Byeong Eon Lee, Kwon-ha Ryu, Susie Lee, Jin-hwan Choi, Jae-hun Kim, Esther Chung, Joel Lee, Yuni Chung, Crystal Park attended this forum.

H.E Sarun Charoensuwan and Weeree Thitipoonya gave a warm welcome to CQ members, and all CQ members were amazed by the architectural beauty of the residence, which exudes the beauty of Thailand. 


H.E. Sarun Charoensuwan officially welcomed CQ members with opening remarks, emphasizing how Thai food is a heritage of Thailand and a part of its culture, and expressed his wish to deliver his message through the well-prepared traditional Thai food. At the end of speech, he made CQ members laugh with his joke, saying “You can have a doggy bag”

Following the opening speech, we watched a farewell video for Martin Tricaud and Isabelle Tricaud, who will be transferring to Australia. Both have been passionate participants in all CQ forums and also great supporters of CICI for 4 years. They gave farewell speech by saying “Thank Jungwha and all CQ members for your beautiful friendship. CICI is a very unique institute and we’ve learned a lot more about Korea through CQ forums. 4 year-long journey has been happy with you.”

After Mr.&Mrs.Tricaud’s farewell speech, members discovered a taste of Thailand, savoring delicious Thai cuisine, specially prepared by the residence staff. They enjoyed Spicy Minced Chicken Salad, Ho Mok Talay(fragrant seafood set mousse with coconut milk and thai ingredients), Pad Thai, Prawn Cake, Chicken Massaman and Tom Yum Kung.

Dinner came to a great finale with Thai traditional desert Kanom Look Choup and colorful fresh fruits. Following the enjoyable dinner, the lecture by Mr. Jin Seok Yang started.

Mr. Yang is the CEO of Y GROUP, Y NETWORK, Head Professor of PAI FORUM, architecture education program, member of Seoul Architectural Committee and also gives lectures, makes appearances on television shows, writes book, songs and lyrics, and also takes on architectural and interior projects. Recently, his TV show <My House Appeared> is being aired on JTBC. In this lecture, members listened to the hidden stories behind his constructions and how he put his musical inspirations into his projects.
Mr. Yang has finished more than 800 projects from small to large scale ones. The most important point for him when it comes to designing a building is taking advantage of the force underlying the space. He also always tries to give his architectural projects order such as in music, and has applied Korean cultural elements into them, such as Bojagi(Korean wrapping cloth), Pojangmacha(a small tented spot selling street foods), Giwa(Korean roof tiles) and Daecheong maru(open space in Korean traditional house like living room).
Mr. Yang, who loves both music and architecture, emphasized that people uses and enjoys architecture, so in the end, they should both be for people. He finished his lecture by saying “If I have a chance to write a 2nd CICI theme song, its motive would be the inspiration I gained from the Thai ambassador’s residence.”

At the end of the evening, Korea CQ members all took eco bags full of Thai cook books and travel guide books gifted by H.E Sarun Charoensuwan, and the CICI theme song CDs by CICI.
We deeply thank H.E Sarun Charoensuwan and Weeree Thitipoonya for their warm hospitality and the wonderfully delicious Thai foods, making it an unforgettable night for Korea CQ members. We would also like to thank all members who attended the forum.
We also give thanks to Mr. Jin Seok Yang for his interesting lecture, and Crystal Park for her time and interpretation help.
On April 4th, Korea CQ will be having the lecture “Language takes flight, the Future of Translation: Human vs AI” by Simon Lee, CEO of Flitto. We look forward to our members’ participation.
Thank you again for your unwavering support and have a nice day.
Korea CQ Semi Ham
For more pictures, please click the link below.

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