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Title Korea CQ - Epilogue of Winter Welcoming Alumni Gathering & Korea CQ 22 Graduation
Posted by webmaster Hit 3442 Date 2016.12.07
Dear Korea CQ members,

I hope you are having a lovely day.

On December 6, Korea CQ Winter Welcoming Alumni Gathering & CQ 22 Graduation was held at Italian ambassador H.E. Marco della Seta’s residence thanks to his kind invitation.


CQ members arrived at the residence on time and had time to appreciate the beautiful artworks on the walls and catch up with each other with a glass of champagne.
First, participants watched the CICI introduction movie clip so that members could look back at the enjoyable memories, while prospective Korea CQ 23 members could learn what CICI and Korea CQ does to promote Korean culture to the world.

The gathering started with a welcoming speech by President Jungwha Choi, followed by a speech by H.E. Marco della Seta.
After his speech, members watched an video on Italy that the embassy prepared and learned that the country is not only a cultural powerhouse but also a leading country in various industries including science, space, architecture and pharmaceutics.

Next, members watched a video on Korea CQ 22 to reflect on what the members did during the term and shared the pleasant memories.
Then we commenced the Korea CQ 22 graduation and the award ceremony to recognize those who passionately participated in Korea CQ 22 forums to learn about Korean culture and to exchange different cultures.

Ms. Ellen Kim, Managing Director of Le Cellier, was awarded the Korea CQ Concentration Award. H.E. Arslan Hakan Okçal, Turkish ambassador, received the Korea CQ Communication Award. H.E. Marco della Seta, Italian ambassador, received special award, Korea CQ hand-in-hand award. Last but not least, the Grand Award was given to H.E. Yip Wei Kiat, Singaporean ambassador.
Congratulations to all of the awardees.
After the ceremony, H.E. Yip Wei Kiat, Singaporean ambassador, gave a warm-hearted toast and the dinner began.


Members had a very pleasant dinner with Italian cuisines and wine that the Italian embassy had prepared for the evening.


As the delicious dinner came to an end, members shared good news and congratulated each other.

Through the quiz night, we could feel the members’ passion towards Korea CQ 22 Forum and their affection to the world culture. Ms. So Eun Park, Caudalie Korea Country GM, was the winner of the quiz night.


Following the Quiz Night, participants played “Guess What It Is!” game where they had to guess what the image on the screen was by only seeing a part of it. Members were separated into six teams, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Pink and participated in the game very passionately. After the heated rounds, Mr. Gee Chan Kwon’s Green Team won the “Guess What It Is!” game.
Next, participants had Noraebang Time, the highlight of the night’s event.


Ms. Ian Jeong kicked off the session by singing “Quando men vo,” an Italian aria from the Opera “La Boheme.” It was an extraordinary experience to appreciate an Italian Opera at the residence of the Italian ambassador. Next, Mrs. Susan Ling and H.E. Yip Wei Kiat livened up the mood by singing a Chinese song together. Following that, Ms. Jasmine Lee and Mr. Kyung Sik Min had their turns. Mr. Kyung Sik Min’s “Young Lovers,” originally sung by himself about thirty years ago as a member of “SNU Trio,” were especially popular and made the listeners feel homesick for the good old days.


“Diana” by Ms. Youn Young Kim lifted the mood even more. Lastly, all the participants in the event sang along the Chorus of “Dancing Queen” led by Professor Ji-ae Sohn, Mrs. Nathalie Defranoux, Mr. Gee Chan Kwon, and Ms. Eun Kyung Nah.
While members were deciding who to choose for the best performer, the schedule of Korea CQ 23 forum was introduced. Many members showed their interests in the 23 programme.
After the vote, the winner of Noraebang Time turned out to be Mr. Kyung Sik Min who sang “Words” by Bee Gees as an encore.


The best dressers of the day were Mrs. Lissa Miner, who perfectly matched her deep red dress with her red bag, and Mr. Gee Chan Kwon with a stylish green neck-tie.
Lastly, participants had lucky draw time. Congratulations for all the winners.

Also, CICI would like to show our gratitude to Mr. Gee Chan Kwon, Ms. Julia Moon, Mr. Yann Le Bourdon, Ms. Soeun Park, Ms. Seohyun Meng, Ms. Youn Young Kim, Mr. Oe Gu Ha, and Mr. Didier Beltoise for their sponsorship.


Last but not least, we would like to thank all the Korea CQ members for your participation, and Ms. Claire Hong for her smooth emcee and Ms. Crystal Park for her interpretation. Also, we warmly thank H.E. Marco della Seta for letting us have the Korea CQ Winter Welcoming Alumni Gathering & Korea CQ 22 Graduation and have the most enjoyable time at his beautiful and comfortable residence.

Thank you once again for your participation and we look forward to your continuous support for Korea CQ and CICI.

Best wishes,

Korea CQ Alumni
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