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Title Epilogue of Visiting SongAm Space Center
Posted by webmaster Hit 2015 Date 2016.10.19
Dear Korea CQ members,
I hope you are having a pleasant day.
On October 18, Korea CQ visited SongAm Space Center, the largest space themed park in Asia where the members observed beautiful night sky and the universe.
H.E. Elisabeth Bertagnoli, H.E. Yip Wei Kiat, H.E. Clare Fearnley, H.E. Arslan Hakan Okçal, Pinar Okçal, Lissa Miner, SUNG Jae Chul, Sunny Han, Ellen Kim, Didier Beltoise, Choi Jungwha, Kim Kwiyeon, Choi Hyunok, Carmen Heijnen, Shim Sukhwan attended this forum.
After H.E. Arslan Hakan Okçal, the Turkish Ambassador, proposed a toast, members tasted the delicious hamburger steak course that manager Choi prepared for them.
Members enjoyed the dishes with flavoury wine, and the atmosphere was heightened as Sunny Han shared her travel experience to Jordan.
During dinner, Director Moon Jung Ui visited and explained about the SongAm Space Center which has state of the art facilities to enable detailed observation and vivid experience of the space.
He also mentioned that the late President and Founder Eom Chunbo wanted to build a place to encourage children and teenagers to explore the universe and also to let grown-ups recall the memory of observing night sky and stars as when they were young. Korea CQ members were deeply moved by his philosophy.
After dinner, members moved to the Planetarium where a short film with photographs of everyone and Korea CQ activities was shown. The following clip made it feel like one were floating in space, stretching everyone's imagination. 
Next, members visited the Challenger Learning Center which is an experience space to commemorate the memory of deceased crews of the Challenger. As the first center in Asia, it has an international network in over 48 centers all around the world. Korea CQ members went through the education to become a space crew, explored the “Journey to Jupiter,” and also listened to interesting explanations on cosmic phenomena such as the infrared rays and the radiation.
Members then headed to the observatory, the highlight of the tour, via cable car.
Everyone could see the bright moon and the numerous stars with naked eye thanks to the clear and dark sky without much light.
The night sky, seen through the astronomic telescope which was solely developed by Korean technologies, was even more beautiful and mysterious. Members returned to the innocence of childhood and was very excited while observing the surface of various stars including the moon, Mars and the star Almach through telescope.
Lastly, members gave a round of applause to the humanoid robots’ dancing at the observatory.
We thank manager Choi Hyunok for letting us have unforgettable memory and experience at the Space Center.
We also wish to thank all CQ members who attended the tour even though it took quite a long time to get to the Center from Seoul.
On November 1, Korea CQ will be visiting the House of Dior. We are looking forward to our members’ active participation.
Thank you again for your continuing support.
Best wishes,
Korea CQ Seulah Kim 





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