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Title CICI Korea 2013
Posted by webmaster Hit 1829 Date 2013.01.28

Live Scenes of " CICI Korea 2013 " event


Twenty days have passed since 2013, the year of Snake.


This is the 9th CICI Korea event.

Also, this year is the 10th anniversary of CICI who is promoting positive image of Korea.


So, 2013 means a lot to CICI in many ways. 
 Let’s go check out the hot moments of CICI Korea 2013! 

The night has begun with quite a lot of people...

 About 750 Koreans and foreigners came!


[CICI Korea 2013 – 15th of January, 2013 in Grand Intercontinental Grand Ball Room]



They are the VIPs including the president of CICI.

 Thank you again for the VIPs who attended despite of your busy schedule.

Before the event began, there was a reception for the attendees.
Pernod Ricard Korea sponsored MUMM Champaigns 
and CUC provided Perrier for the warm reception.





These are the delightful reception scenes.





MC of the event was Hong, Mi Kyung who dressed up with beautiful Korean traditional clothes called “Han-Bok.”



For the opening, a calligrapher Kang, Byung In showed
 Korean letter “웃자” performance.




It was very interesting to see him drawing with a huge brush.


Thank you Mr. Kang once again for the impressive performance.



After that,

There was a welcome speech from
Choi Jungwha, the president of CICI.


A speech of encouragement from
Han Seung-Soom, former Prime Minister.

Congratulatory remarks from
Choe Kwang-Sik, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.



Congratulatory remarks from
H.E. Scott Wightman, the British Ambassador to the Republic of Korea.

After the congratulatory, the Korea Image award ceremony had started.

For Korea Image Stepping Stone Awardee

world famous Korean singer PSY won!  

Unfortunately, PSY was not in Korea at the moment, so we watched a video of his speech about receiving the award.

His father had awarded instead of him.


His father made jokes when he told his feelings about the award
and everybody laughed.

So, now we all know where PSY got his humor.^^

YouTube got Korea Image Stepping Stone Bridge Award! 

YouTube got credit for spreading PSY’s Gangnam Style video all over the world.^^

Anthony Zameczkowski, Head of Music in YouTube Asia Pacific
came for the award from Hong Kong.

For the Korea Image Budding Youth Awardee

A brilliant 12 years old pianist Lee Hyuk was awarded! 

He won the first prize at 8th International Chopin Competition

for Young Pianists in Moscow.^^

He was the youngest winner of the Competition’s history.^^

After the award ceremony, Lee Hyuk played Chopin’s tune for the attendees.


 The dinner started with toasts.



Toast of Park Inju, the Head of Social Integration

Toast of H.E. Sam Robert Gervoich, Australian Ambassador

Toast of Il Ho Yoo, the Chief Secretary of President-elect Park Keun-Hye

Toast of Lee Jasmin, a member of the National Assembly


Toast of H.E. Jerome Pasquier, the new French Ambassador.

People had a delicious Korean dinner.
While people were having dinner,
They watched the highlight video of “CCF” Culture Communication Forum.
Also, there was a video to introduce unknown place in Korea about Jeungdo Island in Shinhan and about famous place, Rome.

There were very exciting performances after the dinner.
First, the most delicious performance “BIBAP.”




Next, there was a dance performance by little PSY Hwang Min Woo.


You can see how exciting the performances were by these pictures ^^
Thank you again the BIBAP team and little PSY Hwang Min Woo!


For the Last section, there were Auction and Lucky Draw.


Lim Hyang-Ok, Professor of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
was an auctioneer.

Congratulations for those who made a successful bid! 

Winners of the lucky draw, congratulations as well! 

So, that was our story of the night.

I hope you are almost feel like you were there!

Corea Image Communication Institute will keep do our best

until people in all over the world understand Korea better.^^

CICI Korea is coming again in 2014!

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