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Title Korea CQ - Tea Ceremony Epilogue
Posted by webmaster Hit 1675 Date 2013.04.25

On March 19, Korea CQ 15 members went to tea ceremony and Hanbok experience.

First we met at Gong, a well-known dumpling soup restaurant. The members had delicious dumpling soup, 'tteokguk' (rice cake soup), and 5 different kind of Korean pancake.

Then, members moved to Moon Guest House and others who couldn't make the dinner joined there as well.

Moon Guest House is Hanok, a Korean traditional house, the family of host has lived there for 4 generations. Unlike everybody expected Moon doesn't mean the Moon in the sky but means a door (door pronouns the same as the Moon in Korean language). The place has more than 170 doors and that is why the host named the place Moon Guest House. 

The host explained the structure of the house and it was unfamiliar even for Koreans. All the members listen his explanation like a student.

It was very interesting how to find out details of Hanok. 

After that, the hostess introduced Hanbok, Korean traditional suits. For king and queen, there are dragons on the suit and it is made of silk. And for noble class, there are cranes (birds) and also made of silk. 

Bang Eugene and Beatrice Morel Diercks tried Hanbok on and everybody told them they looked like real king and queen! Especially Beatrice Morel Diercks looked fabulous with the wig and dress. 

Last was tea ceremony which is called 'darye' in Korean and 'dado' in Japanese. 

It is important to know all the process and it has a strict etiquette because the ceremony was upper class culture.

The members learnt about names of utensils and process. Oh Sang Su answered all the pop quiz and proved that he is a good student.  

After the explanation, members made tea and everybody made a mistake but still had lot of fun. They also had some Korean traditional sweets with tea.  

It was such a fun and special experience. Thank you very much for participating. 

For more photos click here

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