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Title Korea CQ - Experience of Korean Food at Bicena Epilogue
Posted by webmaster Hit 1927 Date 2013.04.25

The second CQ 15 forum, “Experiencing Korean Food through the Five Senses” was held at the restaurant ‘Bicena’ on March 5.


The Bicena meaning ‘emptying, filing, and sharing’ created an atmosphere that is both modern and classic.


Lucia Cho, president of Bicena, presented specially-prepared Korean dinner for CQ members as a design and food specialist.


In spring-like weather, CQ members arrived at the Bicena with a cheerful smile.


CQ members who did not attend the opening party introduced themselves, and special guests, Indonesian ambassador JohnPrasetio and Ms. Alexandra Prasetio introduced themselves to other members as well.


Due to classic and casual interior of the Bicena, CQ members all looked very comfortable as like meeting close friends, so it was very precious time getting to know each other well.


After president Cho’s introducing the meaning of Bicena, buckwheat rolls with spring vegetables and shrimp and chive (or juk sun and chicken) dumplings brought CQ members into the mood for spring.


And then, the grilled pork belly, braised soft bone gelatins and brisket and sea bass and noodle were served and CQ members enjoyed them very much.


On the day of Lee Jai Wook’s birthday, we threw a surprise birthday party for him and conveyed celebrations. Congratulations!


The stick rice bun, red bean pancake sandwich and a birthday cake showing harmony of the East and the West were the perfect dessert.


We would like to thank president Cho who prepared the special Spring dinner and all the CQ 15 members who attended the forum despite their busy schedules. 


For more pictures, please click the link below.


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