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Title Korea CQ- International Vaccine Institute
Posted by webmaster Hit 1724 Date 2013.10.22
Dear Korea CQ members
I hope you are having a great day in spite of chilly weather.
WIth the invitation by Christian Loucq, Director General of IVI, Korea CQ 16 members had a visit to the International Vaccine Institute, the first international vaccine organization headquarter in Korea, funded by the Bill Gates Foundation.
Kim Kwiyeon, Park Heesung, Sung Jaechul, Lee Jaiwook, Lim Hyang Ok, Choi Jungwha, Didier Beltoise, Beatrice Dierckx, Samia Mounts, Christophe Piganiol, and special guest, architect Jung Tainam, Kim Jisoo from Korea Times and Philip Iglauer from Korea Herald joined the tour.
IVI has beautiful sceneries- it is surrounded by Mt. Gwanak.
Chrisitan Loucq and the scientist team from IVI warmly welcomed our members.
We enjoyed Champagne and cocktails in the "test tubes" made by the IVI staffs.
After having a box dinner, we had a small celebration for Choi Jungwha’s birthday! We enjoyed her birthday cake and enjoyed rice cake, and cookies prepared by IVI.
Then we headed for a Lab tour wearing the personalized lab coat specially prepared by IVI.
We visited the influenza vaccine development lab, the growing a bacterium & virus lab and then moved to the auditorium.
Mr. Christian Loucq gave us a speech about what his institution does (discover, develop and deliver vaccines for the developing nations.) and the scientists team gave us presentations on the country investment in vaccines.
We would like to thank Mr. Loucq for his generous invitation.
We are now more educated having somewhat a deeper understanding of vaccine and science.
To see pictures of October 15, please click the link below
Thank you.
Sincere yours,
Jean Kim
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