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Title Korea CQ- August's Wine Club
Posted by webmaster Hit 4039 Date 2014.08.26

Dear Korea CQ members,


On August 21, the Korea CQ Wine Club was held at Grand Hyatt.


Hong Hyung Taek, Secretary General of East Asia Foundation, and Park Min Sun, Director of The Clean Clinic, generously sponsored wines for the August’s wine club.


Members participated are : Park Min Sun, H.E. Omar Nahar, Shim Jay Hyuk, Seol Do-won, Kwon Gee Chan, Christophe Piganiol, Susan Ling, Jeong Ian, Park So Eun, Yang Cindy, Lee Hyun Ju, Song Sieun, Meng Juhyun, Choi Jungwha, Samia Mounts, Didier Beltoise, Jean-Manuel Spriet, Hwang Heunggon, Young Joseph, Park Jae Woo,



Despite of the rainy weather, members arrived on time at Namsan Room 3, had time to catch up with a glass of the famous champagne, Moet& Chandon Imperial NV. Moet & Chandon Imperial NV is very soft and fresh with lemon, apple and yeast tastes as well.


As sun slowly set, our members enjoyed seafood salad with lemon and garlic dressing and LONGO & SINCINI Collection Pinot Grigio. This white wine is filled with the aroma of pear, banana, apricot and flowers.


Special menu prepared by Grand Hyatt was served with Kaiken Reserve Malbec, known as the sum of Argentina wine. Malbec is well-formed, brings chocolate, plum, and herb. It came together beautifully. 


With ‘Fun, Health, Blessing’ toast of Shim Jay Hyuk, Chairman of Korea CQ alumni, and ‘Youth Right Now’ toast of Kwon GEE chan, the atmosphere got more enjoyable with full of laughings.


After the main dish, everyone appreciated Cheateau Petit Vedrins 2010, the perfect match for dissert. Cheateau Petit Vedrins 2010 is filled with a plethora of flavors, particularly stone fruit, and secondary notes nut and honey.


The collaboration of dessert and wine ended this Wine Club freshly.


We thank you to Hong Hyung Taek and Park Min Sun for their gracious support and all participants for making our wine club more enjoyable.


Members who will sponsor Wine Club in the following months are : Lee Hyun Ju, the president of Designon, & Park So Yoon, the representing researcher of Lemonade&Co. in October; Meng Ju Hyun, Director of Dreamwelfare & Song Si Eun, Director of Yon Dental Clinic in December. The details of each events will be announced again.


Thank you very much and have a nice day.



Koera CQ Hae ri Park


more pictures, click the link below;

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