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Title Korea CQ- June's Wine Club
Posted by webmaster Hit 2367 Date 2014.06.23
Dear Korea CQ members,


I hope you are having a great Friday.


Yesterday, Korea CQ Wine Club was held at the luxurious Korean restaurant ‘Erewhon’ located in Cheongdam-dong.


This wine club was sponsored by Korea CQ 4 member Kwon Gee Chan, the Chairman of Wearfun.


Members participated are: Kwon Gee Chan, Hwang Haelyung, Shim Jay Hyuk, Seol Do Won, Lee Chang Zoo, Park Jae Woo James, Young Joseph, Choe Yongwon, Mark Chung, Ha Joo Hyun, Jeong Ian, Lee Hyun Ju, Park Min Sun, Yuni Chung, Choi Jungwha, Samia Mounts, Didier Beltoise.

For the special guest, Lee Jin Min, Director of Miplus Dental Clinic N gallery, Heinz Kuenzi; Engineer, Cecilia Johansson; Store Manager of Ikea Korea Ltd., and Mr. Roland Idemyr attended.


Upon the arriving, members of the wine club welcomed each other and had time to catch up with a glass of Champagne, Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label is  a vintage champagne which can taste softness and dryness at the same time. Also Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label is known as the champagne which Winston Churchill loved.  


Soon, the dinner graciously prepared by the Erewhon was served with the ‘Freemark Abbey Chardonnay’, light green color white wine. By drinking it, everyone could appreciate the collaboration of fresh fruits, vanilla, and coconut. As the ‘Beautiful ladies, Wonderful to our life’ toast of Shim Jay hyuk, chairman of Korea CQ alumni, the atmosphere got more enjoyable.


Following the main dish, the ‘Tignanello’ was provided and the members expressed how they feel the savor of the wine and shared their wine experiences. ‘Tignanello’ is the red wine which selected as the best wine among CEOs and called as super Toscana wine. Chairman Kwon, host of the June’s wine club picked ‘Tignanello’ as his favorite red wine, and everyone had a wonderful time by saying ‘Tignanello’.  


Members had ‘Bottega Limoncino Grappa’ fresh lemon-flavored wine after dinner. Bottega Limoncino Grappa, which goes well with sweet cakes, fruits, and ice cream refreshed our Wine Club.  


Members who will sponsor Wine Club in the following months are: Hong Hyung Taek, the Secretary General of East Asia Foundation, & Park Min Sun, the director of The Clean Clinic in August; Lee Hyun Ju, the president of Designon, & Park So Yoon, the representing researcher of Lemonade& Co. in October; Meng Ju Hyun, Director of Dreamwelfare & Song Si Eun, Director of Yon Dental Clinic in December. The details of each events will be announced again.


We thank you to Mr. Kwon Gee Chan for his gracious support and we also would like to thank Ms. Lee Jin Min, Ms. Cecilia Johansson, Mr. Roland Idemyr, and Mr. Heinz for making our wine club all the more enjoyable. Thank you for joining this month's wine club.


Thank you.




Hyesoo Shin

* If you would like to see more pictures, please click the link below.

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