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Title Korea CQ - Visit to Tesco Homeplus Academy & Muuido
Posted by webmaster Hit 3459 Date 2014.05.27

Korea CQ had a visit to Muuido in Incheon last weekend.
7 minutes
drive by a car ferry, fresh air and the smell of the island welcomed us.

As our members arrived, we had a tour at the Tesco Homeplus Academy.




Tesco Homeplus Academy, established as the first  training center in Korea, has trained and educated global human resources.

Touring the building, our members were very impressed that this Carbon Zero building preserves the nature. Moreover, art pieces and creative artistic spaces  were also amazing

Seol Do-Won, the executive vice president of Homeplus, kindly explained the history of the academy and the facilities to our members, and it helped us better understand Tesco Homeplus Academy.

After the tour, our members had time for trekking Somuuido for 2 hours and fully enjoyed the pure nature of Sommuido, tasting the clean leaves of Cutch Tree. 




When our members got back to Tesco Homeplus Academy from Sommuido, barbeque smell filled the room. The buffet dinner was kindly prepared by Seol Do-Won.




As the dinner came near to the end, Mr. Seol Do-Won started Karaoke time by singing Desert Song, and all of our members sang and danced together.




As the morning came on the following day, Jai Lee, the president of Korea CQ photo Club, gave us a lecture on photography.

As Muuido is very famous  for its scenic beauty, our members showed their great interest in learning camera and photography.




After the lecture, our members visited the Silmi island, the island famous for the movie Silmido.

Our members were so lucky that we could walk through the middle of the sea when the
Mose Gil(Mosesway) revealed itself.

Soon, we saw the flow at the seaside and were surprised at the power of nature.




After visiting Silmido, our members had a lunch at a famous Korean restaurant which was also aired once at the KBS TV Program, Koreans Table.

We tasted healthy vegetables, Jeotgal, pan-fired oyster, and rounded off our lunch with coffee from Tesco Homeplus Academy.


We thank to all of our members for enjoying every moment and also to Jai Lee for giving us informative tips about good photography.


Especially, we thank to Seol Do-Won for kindly offering the opportunities to experience ocean-view rooms, delicious and plentiful food & wine, comfortable vans, and sweet desserts with coffee.


Thank you.


* If you would like to see more picture, please click the link below.




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